CDi connection to 82

I seem to be listening more to my CD player of late and was wondering whether i would get much of a sound quality upgrade if I changed out the cable which is currently the standard Naim connector.
I was looking at the Which Hat connectors…cant really afford the morgana (but as Christmas is round the corner… i could be persuaded if the SQ increase was significant) so was thinking of their Naim Source to Naim pre (S 3) cable.
Does anybody have any experience of these and what would you recommend? Any Alternatives out there that I could consider?

I’d stick exactly where you are, the standard Lavender cable is not just an afterthought by Naim, it’s a very capable cable musically speaking. You may find other cables alter frequecy extremes but i doubt they will be as musically together. I’d sooner consider what the CDi sits on than messing with cables.


I have the standard Witchhat cable in my system. Originally to connect a cd3.5 to an 82. There was a small uplift in SQ, but not enough to worry about. It now connects my CDS2 to a 52, but I have never tried the Lavender cable with this setup. I suspect I would get the same result, but since I have the Witchhat cable anyway, I might as well use it.

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