CDI Help

The CDI has stopped…no idea why…one all the usual, switched on and off, let it cool down etc etc.
I have spoken to A Class and they say they cannot do anything as they just can’t get the spares anymore and they tell me that Naim has stopped servicing/supporting these for some time.
So it appears there is nothing that I can do other than sell it for spares.

Any views or ideas as to what I can do other that sell it for nothing?

Many Thanks.

Naim serviced my CDI in November last year, at the time only issue was a lack of laser mechanisms and unfortunately this might be your machines problem. Lets hope its a fuse or something replaceable.

Of course, this could have changed in the last 6 months but e mail and check.

Let us know how you get on. If they can service still it will come back like new, case and SQ.

Have you checked the fuse in the CDI and mains plug? Does it light up still?

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Yes I will thanks…

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