CDI transport issues or is it the puck?

Something to be aware of is that many later discs are pressed outside of Redbook standard. In particular there’s the penny-pinching that has resulted in the disc centre being much thinner than the rest of the disc. Unfortunately this is the exact area where the disc mates to the mech hub and the old clamps were specifically designed to work properly with Redbook CDs with centres of a defined thickness. With many newer “thin centre” discs, the clamp is tested to its limits and often beyond, which is where the masking tape mod has been successful.

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Might just have hit that issue with my CD555, playing a newer CD of long playing time (80 min or thereabouts) sourced from a local smaller label. It had a skip or two then failed to play on next replay, also failed on another disk I then tried. A reset seems to have sorted it out with the second disk playing fine but am now avoiding that particular first disk :sweat_smile:

Would a CD5 plus HC hit the mark?
Or a Cd 3.5 plus HC?

A CD5 with Flatcap2 I very much enjoyed, but I’d probably stick with a CDI rather than make that move.

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When my CD5 (with FC2) went back for warranty repair, I was loaned a CDI. The CDI was so good I didn’t want the CD5 back. Alas it wasn’t to last, the CDI transport started playing up a year or so later and I switched to a network player.

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Ok…is it possible to reset the CDI?

Would the clamp 5 sort that problem as there does appear to be a difference in performance between old and new CDs…?

It may do. I would get a new Clamp 3 and a Clamp 5 for those particular problem discs.

I have a new clamp 3 but it’s no better than the old one…

Try a clamp 5 then but otherwise it may indicate that it needs attention. Note that replacement CDM9 Pro mechs are long gone nowadays, so it may be that Naim cannot do anything. Perhaps @NeilS can comment further here on what might be possible.

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@Richard.Dane and @NeilS this is what the nextel ring looks like. Any views?

CDI transport by Chris Connorton, on Flickr

Hi c2photo,

The beige rings looks to be in good condition, as Richard says - try a clamp 5. If that is unsuccessful, the only thing we (Naim) might be able to do, is to fit a laser arm from a CDM9/44. But I say might, as we are really at the bottom of the barrel now with these parts.
This would also be a bit of a downgrade, as the 44 has a plastic lens.



Ok thanks…

If I could lay my hands on a laser head for 9 pro…would naim fit it?

We have done that in the past, but with limited success. The supplied parts sometimes don’t work!
You’d have to speak to Tech Support about it, as I would imagine there are warranty implications etc.


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Well the clamp 5 arrived today and unfortunately has not worked …it’s an improvement but still slipping.
So I thinks the CDI mech has given up the ghost… :sob: :sob: :cry: :cry:

That’s a shame. FWIW, you might want to have a chat with your dealer or Naim service to see what if anything is possible from here.

Thanks Richard…I have done he told me to put on a well known auction site for parts. I’m not going to do that just yet as hope for a solution springs eternal.

I have just bought a CDX2 …it has some big shoes to fill…

@NeilS @Richard.Dane i have to ask but would placing a CD player close to a heat source such as a radiator cause the player to skip and not track at all?
The reason I ask is because I was listening to my newly acquired CDX2 and after a couple of CDs and into track 9 of the 3rd cd it just started to miss everything and would not play at all.
The CD player is placed on a rack with a radiator directly behind it. There is a good 9” gap between the rad and the rack then at least another 4” to the back of the player.
I switched it all off…gave it 20 minutes and placed a “heat shield” at the back of the rack and continued…with no apparent issues!
I will now have to get my CDI out and give that a whirl to see if it was the heat that was causing a problem?
Needless to say I feel a right idiot.
I would be good to know if it is the heat having that affect of the tracking…any views gents?

I’ve not come across such a thing, but that’s not to say it’s a not a possibility. I would have to defer to @NeilS and his opinion here.

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