CDP question, what is your experience

Would appreciate your experience and/or view. Have first version of CDX2. There is an idea to upgrade or improve it. Overall like this player, just occasionally can sound sharply.
Rest of the system is sold now. Target to end up with 252/SC/250, but temporarily could be used small Naim integrated amplification or all in one (like SU). Music is mainly blues, jazz, classic.
The possible options are
What each combination could give me sonically? At first 555PS could seems as too much, but who knows. Another point keeping in mind that CDX2 is my own and CDS3 needs to be found and shipped over. Cash matters of course.
Any other thoughts on subject are very welcome. Thank you.

The CDX2 (and CDX before it) are very good CD players but can be a bit ‘bright’ in replay - is this what you are hearing perhaps? - and this can often be down to what surface/support the unit is on. Some people like this lively sound, others not.

To calm down the brightness, I would suggest trying on differing surfaces (wood/glass etc) and using something like Stillpoints (do web search). I tried these under my CDX (under the casework not the feet) on a glass turntable shelf. Bass was far better and much of the brightness went away.

When you add dedicated PS’s, the noise floor of the player falls, there’s more detail, bass tightens up and the bright edge is removed (comments above re what the CDX is sat on remain).

A CDS3 offers a much smoother and more detailed presentation and I would have thought would render jazz/blues far better than CDX2. A CDS3/555PS is very good, some even prefer to a CD555 (with 555PS of course). I would target a 555PS rather than an XPS (s/t funds).

Of course, the unknown here is how long Naim can continue to service and repair (mainly the CD transport) of things like the CDS3 - I’d encourage you to check with Naim/read more Forum posts before committing heavily along this path.

I think a CDX2/555PS would be an over-investment in the PS - I would go for CDS3*.

  • one thing to check is whether the CDS3 needs an XPS2 to work, rather than an XPS?

It is a while ago but this mimics my experience with the CDX. Adding XPS improved it considerably but it still had a bright ‘edge’. CDS3 is a magical bit of kit, it has a flow and what I would call ‘grace’ that I shall never forget.

When new the gap to buy the CDS3 was a big one but now, assuming you are committed to a CDP for your source, and that you can find a good one, I would go straight for that, and the best PS you can afford alongside.

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HappyListener, thank you for all inputs. Will check Stillpoints for sure. You say use them under the casework. So, you not put in the place of feet, but in different locations ? Feet remains, but do not touch the shelf ?
I use Solidsteel S3, which I believe is a good rack.
Indeed 555PS has a high prive tag for CDX2 and if new “feet” and XPS will do the job it will be better option.

Re Stillpoints or other supports, I would try then in various positions - and even only 3 of them to ensure levelling, bearing in mind the weight distribution of a CDX2. Leave the feet on the CDX2 - the supports should be far taller.

See the link below and some other views on what is broadly the same question.

Care about the XPS though as the original XPS powered the CDS2 and I think I’m right that the XPS was changed to new XPS2 for the CDS3 - the Naim brochures only refer to XPS now, as it was such a long time ago when the XPS was updated.

@Bluesfan - can I ask (ageing memory!), does the CDS3 require an XPS2 to work (as opposed to an original XPS)?

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If you use the Forum search function (top right of screen) and key in CDX2 and/or CDS3 there are a lot of threads which may be of interest.

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There are a number of threads on this forum and especially on the old forum about CDX2 vs CDS3 and XPS vs 555PS.

Here’s a very recent post on the subject: A potted history of CDX2, CDS3, XPS and 555PS

Best regards, BF

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BF, thank you, indeed, some great notes there.

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