CDS 2 Repair

Audio T have been round to my home this morning to collect the CDS 2 top box to send back to Salisbury for (I hope) repair of the failed transport mechanism. Fingers and toes all crossed!


If Naim can repair it, get a service done while it’s there. Made a big difference to mine which was repaired and serviced earlier this year.


I rather assumed that, if Naim can repair it, they will give it a full service in any event.

I wouldn’t leave it to luck.


Seconded. Naim have separate prices for service and repair. I’d definitely get a price for both and take a view at that point. Hopefully getting it serviced at the same time makes financial sense as it certainly makes practical sense whilst the unit is with them anyway


The important thing, to me, is whether Naim can get it to work again. Servicing will be a bonus, if so.

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Best talk to your dealer and tell them if it can be repaired, i want a service once it works? They do not like being shipped too much.

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They will charge a fair bit more for a service as well but well worth doing. My NDS is with Naim at moment for repair only. It’s about 11 years old. £190 for screen replacement which is good considering DIY kits are around £100 and apparently a tricky job. Price includes VAT and shipping both ways. Plus it’s been done by Naim.

Maybe speak to Audio T and see if they can service it as well. May cost alot £600 or £700 but then it should be good for another 10 years fingers crossed.

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There’s different prices.
Repair is one Service additional cost.
In the past I think was all done for one cost?

I’m not going to count my chickens.

I will just be so pleased if Naim can bring the player back to life.

But, thank you, I will speak to Audio T tomorrow, to ensure that everything possible is done to the CDP to bring it back to life.


Hi All,
Just joined the forum officially this week as it is a great source of all things Naim and by chance I was reading this new thread.

My best mate’s CDX is showing the dreaded “ERR” last Sunday on powering it again up! We tried everything.
As anyone had no luck with Naim recently on a CDX repair? Emailed Naim service dept this week but they are busy and have not got back to yet me.
Told my mate… there is a very small chance in the light of this CDS2 thread.
We are both diehard CDX/XPS owners. Its a great shame if these types of players cannot be fixed now.

Your friend will need to arrange it through their Naim dealer, but IIRC, @NeilS mentioned recently that the factory still has a few VAM1205s so your friend may well get lucky.

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Great news - Thanks Richard.
My mate’s head is still “spinning” about the broken CD player.

I was waiting for a definitive Naim reply.
I’ll tell him if can’t wait, he should go straight to Audio T @ Worcester and send it through.
Any idea of the cost to fix? Still north of £500?

Before you get too excited, you should ask your dealer to check with Naim as I’m only going on recent recollection and the situation can change quickly. I don’t know what the cost is these days, but your dealer should able to advise.

Something to try (you never know) clean the puk that holds the cd in place, not saying that is the problem but slipping CD can give error readings.

Thanks for your concern Rooster.
The slipping CD pluck hold is not the issue here as the disc does not spin (no motor sound) when you push the tray in. Comparing it to my own CDX, pushing the tray in, you can hear a gentle spin of the disc and then the LED display shows read info i.e. track number, total time etc…

I have ask my friend to send back to Naim. I’ll let you guys know if he gets it fixed. Crossing fingers.

Exactly the same problem as mine, no spin up when inserting CD. It was fixed just a couple or three months ago. Keeping my fingers crossed that they can fix yours too. :crossed_fingers:

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and staying quiet, as I don’t want to tempt fate.

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I’ve been extremely lucky with my CDX ownership. Absolute flawless continuous playing like the rest of my Naim boxes. I purchased mine new back in 2000 after having starting out with a Micromega Stage 6 for only 4/5 years. This was a beautiful CD player but poor built quality. They still look ultra-modern in 2020s! Shame they didn’t last.

Just love Naim legendary product built and have never looked back since the mid-90s after wondering in a proper HiFi shop one sunny Saturday afternoon in south London…!

Does it actually register anything in the display when the tray door is closed?

Just wondering whether the trigger magnet has come away…