CDS 2 tray fingerprints

For years the inside tray where the cd sits has a periphery of finger prints (skin oil I surmise) around the outside of where the cd sits.
Using a moistened cloth does not remove these marks.
Any idea how to clean this without removing the black color from the tray ?
Prob just my ocd as I’m sure this doesn’t affect performance-
Must have too much time on my hands :wink:


alcohol 90 ?

A 1:1 solution of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. This is what most dealers use to clean up any kits that’s been unboxed.

So that shouldn’t remove the painted surface ?

I would be very careful using any solvent on the paint finish of the CDS2 tray. Your best bet might be to ask Naim service what they would recommend here. Maybe @NeilS has a recommendation?

IIRC the Matt black interior of a CD tray and the peripheral box, is to avoid reflections from the laser light which might otherwise corrupt the source data.

Take great care !

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Hi Richard,

A short pile microfibre cloth moistened with warm water can carefully be used. A small amount of IPA can also be used. Both methods have a risk of leaving tide marks when the liquid evaporates.

However, after many years of use of the player, the matte finish will wear away around the disc & it is important not to mistake the worn areas with concentrated skin grease etc. & overdo the cleaning effort!

Just exercise exteme caution, supporting the tray while cleaning so as to not stress the suspension pins with lateral movement.



Excellent, thanks Neil!

Yes, too much pressure on the tray can blunt the pin ends and also it can slightly bend the leaf spring arms thus putting the tray out of level - any of this will seriously impact on performance.

You mention IPA: would a mild or standard bitter work just as well?


I think he means Salisbury Sarum IPA

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Stage 1 transport screws in and secure

Stage 2 use lens brush to gently brush dust into dedicated dust corner

Stage 3 use pointy blue tack to remove dust from the dedicated dust corner.

Stage 4 use flattened out blue tack to try to remove circular ring of whatever it is. You will get some but not all. Use blue tack to remove contaminants from puk and top of centre spindle

Stage 5 remove transport screws careful. Place cd and puk sit back and relax and know you have done the right thing, that should help the OCD.

I wouldn’t use diluted or concentrated solvents in the tray ever. As mentioned it has a special coating to help the laser out. Not to mention most solvents are residual, it may just sit and eat your coating away. I always leave a satin cloth over my cds2 tray cover when it’s not in use. Helps my OCD.

Now got to get some blu tack

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