CDS intermittent playback

Can anyone shed some light on issues I’m having with my CDS player… I insert disc…no sign of disc being read or even spinning…shows Err on screen.
Leave power supply on along with player and once warmed up it plays perfectly ?
Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

I think the clue here is that it plays OK once warmed up. That would perhaps suggest an issue with caps, probably within the CDPS. When was it last serviced? Otherwise, perhaps one for @NeilS

Thank you for your reply.
You’re not the first person to mention this… I’ve been trying to source someone locally to take a look at it etc.
Will have to do some more research.

Interesting. My 2014 CD5XS, which I bought off eBay last December with a 3-month warranty from an authorised seller, has recently started being temperamental with some discs (which play fine on my Marantz player). I listened to three discs on it this evening and all played fine.

I shall test it further tomorrow.

I suspect, though, that a service and recapping wouldn’t go amiss. I wasn’t sure at first, but I think the laser is probably okay.

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Leave the power supply on all the time and see if that stops the problem. Get it serviced!


A cap issue could certainly be the cause of this if there is no attempt to spin the disc. The drive circuit for the hall motor is more complex than other players, so the fault may lie outside of normal service items though.


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Hello Neil,
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my issue.
It looks like I’m going to have to give this some great deal of thought and investigation.
I’m still trying to find someone locally to take a look at it for me.
Kind regards John.

I wouldn’t let anyone other than Naim or an authorized agent look into it. Does your location make this difficult?

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No it’s more to do with personal circumstances at this precise moment in time… Thank you for your feedback.

Neither would I - no matter what… :thinking:


This might be due to:

1- the centre of the CD being very thin, which means the puck may struggle to grip it tight. One solution is to cut some thin strips of tape around the hole, to effectively make the centre ring on the CD thicker.

2- rubbers on the puck being a tad worn/in need of spinning a tad/a wipe clean (if possible?).

3- a combo of the above.

Ok,thank you…it’s worth a try.

The power is on the whole time.

Possibly, but I don’t think so in my case.

I was replying to @Johnny72.

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Ah okay :smiley:

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