CDs that just won't rip

I am relatively new to streaming audio where typically I rip WAV files using an oldish version of dbPoweramp installed in an oldish desktop PC with DVD drive and transfer them to the SSD that is embedded in an Auralic Altair G1. Most of the time this works very well without any issue.
I have 4 sets of CDs from warner classics or Teldec and one set I could rip the other 3 whatever I try refuse to rip. Maybe copy protected?
Maybe the simple answer is that I just have to live with fact.
Has anybody had similar issues like this? Maybe I just have t play the CDs and that’s it.

If they have a large number of tracks/length of the recordings they may be outside of cd red book guidelines and your dvd drive may be unable to read them. I had this on very few discs, but were compilation albums. I did have a copy protected version of hats by The Blue Nile which was released by mistake…….playable on a cd player but would not rip. It was replaced by record company, as it was not a cd……as defined by the cd red book.

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Thanks for the reply. Ok that’s possible. They play perfectly on the Marantz CD 67SE which i use as a transport with dig. out into the Auralic. Also no problem on the CDS3. I need to invest in a new drive anyway to see if that helps.
These are compilation albums of Haydn works. I particularly like the Haydn symphonies with Harnoncourt. The late London symphony compilation rips no issues but the one with earlier symphonies not. I will try to contact them and ask if they can be replaced.

It might be that these rippers/ dvd drives use cheap mechanisms……i sent cd’s to Naim that would not ripon on my Uniti core……they ripped using a better ripper and burned a cdr. The naim and Marantz cd players use better mechanism’s.

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Interesting. Thanks for the information. I will also my dealer what he thinks

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I had a few CDs like that; dbpoweramp and EAC just didn’t want to know. The one program that did rip them was good old Windows Media Player. Might be worth a try.

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If they are copy protected there’s usually a small DRM logo on the disc and/or case.
I find iTunes/Apple Music to be better at ripping these where others fail.

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Make a cdr copy if you can, then rip that. It worked for my stubborn discs.



I have had several discs (mainly Warner Bros) that wouldn’t rip using the Apple Drive/AssetUPNP on my iMac. Tried turning off secure rip, still no joy.

However, I also have a USB LG DVD Writer, model number GE24NU21, and that has always managed to rip the discs without any problem.

Don’t know if this would also happen with a Windows PC.

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Thanks alot everyone for your answers.
As part of the move to streaming/digital audio, which I now consider to be in a relatively mature state now, not to mention all the music services that are available as well. In some ways I’m glad I had a lapse of nearly 15 years taking care of other other priorities and in doing so, seeing where digital audio was going with evolving technologies. I am also in the process of moving to Apple with a MacBook pro and a new modern USB drive. I needed to get an iPad for the lightening DS App anyhow. I must say the concept of having a large part of a music collection on a self contained transportable device is brilliant, where it is easy now to transport a decent source between two places.

If your MacBook is a recent M1 model you’ll be able to run Lightning DS (and the Naim App) on it.


I have one CD, out of well over 1000, that refused to rip by any method I have tried. It’s a Pat Metheny album, on Nonesuch IIRC. It wouldn’t play in iTunes either. It plays perfectly in my CD player. I assume it’s copy protected and I’ve even tried tricks with sticking tape as suggested on t’internet but all without success.


It will be because I haven’t ordered it yet.
On my PC I have Linn Kazoo which was installed while doing a home demo of a Selekt DS and Akurate DS both of which I did not get on with for one reason or another.
Not tried the Naim App because I did not demo an NDX2 because I would have needed another XPS2 unless I got rid of the CDS3 which I don’t want to do.
Will revisit the rips once I get the new computer and drive. Like you say it’s a few in hundreds that won’t play ball.

Well, the options are :

  1. Just accept it and use your CD player

  2. Record from the CD player onto a digital recorder (I use a Korg MR2 to make digital backup copies of my LPs). Then edit the digital file into tracks (with metadata) using a program such as Audacity.

If you don’t have a digital recorder, then does your computer have a line level input (most do, in my experience), and you can record directly into Audacity.

The NDX2 has a built-in power supply that is perfectly good, but can be upgraded with an XPS or 555PS later if you want.

Thanks for the suggestions. I can also listen on Qobuz, but my stubborn streak was reluctant to give in so I tried all methods that didn’t involve spending any money.


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On this forum, that is an unusual approach! Well done, I like it😀


Sometimes these are really the most satisfying. Of course the other extreme is to spend lots of money and still be unhappy.

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I have no problem with downloading Torrent files of albums which I already own, managed to find FLAC EAC rips of most of the problem discs I’ve experienced…

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But surely doing that you’re also making the albums available to those who may not have purchased them?