CDs that just won't rip

Yes you could be concerned by the questionable ethics in doing so. I have a purchased CD copy of Santana’s Abraxas which flatly refused to rip one of the tracks using EAC, so I used this to fill in the gap…

it’s your choice :+1:

I have ripped over 10,000 CDs on to my NAS.

I had a problem with a number of Warner Brother CDs from their ‘Archive Series’ on investigation (sorry a while back now) it related to the way the CDs were coded and how the CD drive reads them.

When I rigged up another ripping drive problem was solved. But you have to get the right CD drive lucky I had three and one worked.

I had one or two discs that would not rip on my PC with dBpoweramp or with my Melco D100 but they did on one of my laptops so as the previous poster suggested it is a good idea to try various machines.


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