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I am a person with olive naim and have no wish to move from it. My CD 3.5, even after a service is showings its limitations. I am considering a CDS1 and moving my CDX down to my second system. I run a 52/supercap to SBLs. I am acutely aware that the laser units are simply not replaceable on some models now. Can someone tell me if that is true for the CDS1? I have tried a search but nothing came up! Of course all advice is welcome!
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Paging @NeilS

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If Naim cannot repair the CDS any longer, there are companies out there who claim to be able to do so. I think forum rules prevent me from saying who.

However, the CDS2 can still be repaired by Naim. Mine was done by them just over a year ago.

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Hi James,

Yes, I’m afraid the original CDS transports are no longer available & the few bits we have knocking about are real bottom of the barrel stuff. Safer to say anything transport related is a no no, but servicing & other repairs DAC etc. can still be done.



Best add - we don’t recommend shipping these units for servicing unless they are faulty.


I wish I kept my olive system, I had a CDi, then CDS1 and then CDS2, the two I wish I kept working or not where the CDi and CDS1.

CDS1 is risky purchase, but if I where in your shoes and the price was right I would so it.

Which begs the question what a right price is.

I was trying to pickup a CDi working or not and it ranged £500 to 750, which I think was way overpriced, given like the CDS1/CDPS may become expensive bricks.

I think £500 is the maximum working, bought on the assumption it may fail the next day, but some simple checks with say a dirty finger printed CD may help indicate how well the cd mechanism is tracking.

All that said even Naim have advised its a dead duck.

When I returned to Naim after a 15yr odd hiatus, I have remained with the Nova and unbelievable it has kept me at bay box wise.

At somepoint you will need to move on … or like an old car maybe look after it an run in into the ground, then move into something new.

Or sell up your olive working gear and go streaming.

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Oh I also had a CD3 with a full 3 series system.

Somehow I’m attracted by these old Philips based machines since I’m Dutch.

If I finally get one, I’m pretty sure I can keep it alive. The father of my neighbour is an old Philips trained engineer repairing these kind of machines his whole life. If his handwriting was as good as his soldering he would have been an artist …

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