CDS11 not sounding great

Hi , I’m running a CDS11 with a NACDPS, grey burndy hooked up to a 250/hicap/72. The CDPS was serviced back in 2007 and the burndy “modified” for use with cds2 by Naim at the same time. I bought soon after in c2008 and have enjoyed it since. Recently I bought a CDX and XPS for a second system (running from a Nait 2) and was somewhat shocked to hear a significant uplift in music listening experience. Now I understand (having read many comments on this forum) that there are those who believe the cdx to be the better player and also the nait 2 to hold its own against all but the best, but I am talking night and day in performance levels. So much so that I have now put the cdx and xps onto my 250/hicap/72 combo and it is incredible. Conclusion…I think I have a rather ill cds2. It plays everything ok …
No “err” message. So is it a case of getting the cdps serviced ? Or ditched for an XPS? All thoughts appreciated. Thanks

Perhaps this thread will help. You can also discuss with the members in it.

@GraemeH perhaps ?

Although I had a CDSII many moons ago I think its @Graeme you mean this time round.


Sorry, a mistake. I was thinking of @Graeme, who has the CDS2. You have quite the same name :laughing:

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Thanks , will have a look

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I would suggest you try the CDS2 with your XPS from the CDX and compare?

You can still send the CDS2 in to Naim for a service should it still be worse. Would be worth getting it up to scratch while it is still possible

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Hi @Hurstvw and welcome to the forum.

I have a cds2/xps combo which has recently been repaired and serviced. To me it sounds lovely. I also have a cd3.5/hicap combo, and the difference is miles apart. Never heard a cdx although I have been tempted to try one, but I understand they have a more forward, in your face rock’n’roll attitude. The cds2 for me is a more laid back, soft/warm? approach which I have heard described as analogue.

Are you just hearing a different presentation of your music, and find the cdx suits your tastes more? Or do you really believe the cds2 is struggling?

If it was last serviced in 2007, it is due another service by now. I’m not sure about the modified Burndy. Perhaps that could be checked over by Naim. The cdps should be fine as in, no need to change for an xps.

Anyway, perhaps a call to Naim to discuss your concerns would help. If the cds2 or its power supply needs attention, they can help.

By the way, I seem to recall the Burndy for the cdps is different to the Burndy for the xps. Perhaps @Richard.Dane could advise.

Thanks Graeme , the burndy cables are different. Mine had 2 pins removed (according to the receipt from naim which I have) to suit the cds2. I don’t think it’s my taste I’m sure the cds2 is struggling. Can I contact naim directly or should I go through a retailer?

You can call Naim to discuss things, but you need to go through your dealer if you want to send anything in to Naim for service or repair.

Good call, just a little concerned about which burndy cable to use :see_no_evil:. The XPS has a black one, the CDPS a grey (converted one ) … thanks for reply.

Don’t mix them until you have spoken to Naim.

Understood. And thanks for the welcome. Sound advise… you must be pleased with your fully serviced cd set up

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The cables?

Yes, the cables.

I love my cds2/xps, but only have my cd3.5 to compare it to. It did sound better after the laser repair, and service to both units. Very much worth it.

I chose a cds2 in preference to the cdx2 that I heard in the same shop at the same time (2004!) because it was dramatically better - to my ears. I thought it wasn’t worth spending the money to get the cdx2 to replace my meridian 206/263 combination - not enough of an improvement. But the cds2 I had to have - if the cdx2 made my toes tap, the cds2 made me want to get up and dance. If the cds2 sounds worse than a cdx then either your preferences are very different to mine, or there is something very wrong with the cds2. You could try Darran at class a audio repairs in Sheffield. Rather cheaper than Naim head office and I doubt inferior - he’s an authorised Naim service agent. I think I got him to do work on my cds2 about ten years ago


Thanks Tim. Yeah I know Darren, he has serviced many a naim box for me. I always thought CD players were out of his scope? And had to go back to naim …

One other thing I have noticed with cds2 is that the puck brings the metal washer with it when lifted off a cd… the cdx puck leaves the metal washer on the CD player. Not sure this is significant ?

That doesn’t sound good (excuse the pun). Definitely talk to Naim.

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I think he replaced the mechanism and the laser for me on different occasions so within his remit - or I assume it still is

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