CDS11 not sounding great

Definitely does t sound right. The CDSII uses a Clamp3, which doesn’t have a magnet inside, just three recessed metal points.

If it were mine I would get the head unit checked over, and perhaps the suspension checked, levelled and aligned. I would then look for a serviced XPS or better an XPS2, and an S-XPS burndy. That’s how I had my own CDSII and it was excellent, bested only by the CDS3 that replaced it.


Tom Tom audio list the following
“Magnetic clamping puck for Naim CD Players.
Compatible with CDi (CDM9 Pro transport), CD 2, CD 3, CD 3.5, CD 5, CDX, CDS 2”

So according to them it is the same puck for cdx and cds2

Yes, that’s a clamp 3, same for the CDX.

So perhaps the magnetic top part of the hub has come away and is sticking itself to the clamp. That would certainly impair performance I would think.

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Yes that’s exactly what is happening. Metal washer magnet lifts out staying stuck to the puck not the player

I’m fairly sure that means a replacement transport is in order, so a head unit service is a good idea here.

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Are all parts still available Richard?

I think so, yes. IIRC, NeilS confirmed recently that Naim still have some spare VAM1205s, which is the part that is most difficult (basically impossible outside of Naim) to find these days.


Given the time of year I would be contacting my dealer, initially for advice and then try a new puck. If that doesn’t work he can then organise the service for you.

PS My dealer gave me a new CDS3 puck foc when I called him to explain symptoms. An email tonight could get one to you in the post by New Year.


I had a CD 3.5 / Hi-Cap for about 10 years and was fortunate to find a CDS / CDPS in mint condition with leads remote and boxes. This was 4 years ago from Cymbiosis the uplift in performance was staggering.



Thanks for all replies and suggestions. Interestingly I found another thread concerning the same puck magnetic issue relating to a CDX2 and the suggestions there were to super glue the washer magnet back onto the spindle. Anyway I’ve decided to bite the bullet and send my beloved cds2 and nacdps and grey burndy off to naim for a full service :grimacing:


That‘s a very good initiative!
The CDS2 needs the best service even if it could be less cheaper than elsewhere.
Quite 14 years is a long period and a complete review/service with recapping isn’t to luxury for such a musical player!
PS: And I think by Naim there should be someone who knows how the CDS2 has to play…:wink:
Technic and listening experience are both sides of the same piece of money!

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