CDS2 dead (again) options....?

My CDS2 went back to Naim for a repair and a service and arrived back yesterday.

All I can say, is “wow”! It now plays every CD it used to have problems with - even one that my computer had trouble ripping !

Top job Naim, thank you ever so much for restoring this heirloom back to its former glory, I am very grateful indeed.



Good news Matthew, glad to hear it.

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Great stuff Matthew, very pleased for you.


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Wonderful news @nap90. Another cds2 lives on \o/. All kudos to Naim for keeping them going!!


Hi Matthew,

So pleased your player reached you in such good order. Transportation can be a bit of a worry with the older players!

Jonathan passed on your kind words BTW.

Keep enjoying the music.


Hi Neil,

Thanks for your message and your help. :blush:

I am still grinning at this end, it’s amazing. I think now the player was broken ever since i had it - I still haven’t found a CD or CD-R that it won’t play since the repair! Sound quality is massively better too…


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Have you checked the servicing chitty (usually appended to the outside of the box) to see what was done, which may give you clues on the material uplift in performance?

e.g. I’m not sure if the CDS2 ever had a software upgrade - I think not(?)

I didn’t notice that - i’ll go and have a look. It did have a complete service at the same time, for the first time since 1998 - everything was probably tired!

The CDS2 did get a few firmware upgrades over the years, of which the last one also makes a big difference apparently. This was already done a year ago. Here is the link to the post in the FAQ of the old forum:

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I’d assumed this wasn’t the CDS2’s first return trip to the mothership. After c.22Y’s, I’m not surprised it sounds much better. And this is often the tease of servicing, in knowing & recognising when a piece of kit has ‘gone off’.

Similar thing happened with my 555PSs - I think one must have been sub-optimal for quite some time.

I pin my service record slips to the accompanying dealer invoices, as these are good to have as evidence of work done should a sale ever be considered.

Just looked at job sheet for mine and it has the latest pic. Any idea what the “enhanced features “ are?

IIRC there was a PIC chip update to enable better replay of copy protected discs.

Looking at the link from @nap90, that was the p109 pic. Then there was the CDc0101 - copy protection replay and enhanced features.

Just wondered what those enhanced features were. No biggy, as I am more than happy with my cds2 as it is, and likely wouldn’t use such features anyway. I’ve never even bothered to use the program feature.

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