CDS2 query

Am wondering about looking for one as a vintage item (the look of the olive kit was what first drew me to Naim albeit being thoroughly unattainable at the time). Am I right in thinking that transports are no longer available? What is the particular transport model?

The mech is the VAM1205. I have just had the laser replaced in my cds2 about 5 weeks ago, and so far all is well (touches wood). I believe if the mechanism itself goes then it’s game over.

The cds2 does have a very endearing sound quality to it. Not overly hi-if, but very engaging. I forget that I am listening to a cd and just get into the music. I wish you luck in finding a good one.

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Thanks. There’s loads for sale on the auction site. Chinese vendors. Are these fake or old stock (I understand that Philips manufactured in China). Any tips?

No tips other than tread warily. I’ve heard mixed reports about them.

I think the SORG has one for sale?

Thanks. Seems they do. They recapped the XPS themselves and fitted new mech to head unit. Didn’t know they service kit - are they reputable for this?

I would - and do - trust them

I remember Hamish from the SO London days in the mid 80’s. I can’t believe they have anything other than a top notch reputation and wouldn’t do something they were not capable of doing well.

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The cds2 is a fine player - enjoy.

There’s loads of rubbish out there. Lots of copy bits. Be very careful.

The CDS2 is superb.

I spent 9 months compairing it to the Ndac at home. The Ndac does better bass, better soundstage and appears to be more detailed. But at the end of the day the CDS2 was more musical, more detailed and as Graeme indicated, more invisilble.

I couldn’t find anybody who preferred the nDAC.

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