CDS3 back after some TLC in Salisbury

After a long patient wait my CDS3 is finally back. It was sent back to the UK for a service DAC change and transport checkout.
Many thanks guys and also to the staff at musicline to fully service and recap of my system purchased in 2004.
I was also lucky to get new tweeters for the SL2 from musicline as well.
It’s really singing…
Currently listening to a CD Dexter Gordon Ballads.
Best Regards


Did you have the DAC changed?

Yes. One channel was distorted.
The transport was also refurbished as well. The player sounds great now. I now have two great digital sources now that are really quite comparable.
It’s a long story but I thought I had lightening damage so got everything serviced apart from the CDS3 but the problem was with the CDS3. Anyhow it was all due for a service.


Yeah, making hifi lighter usually damages it…


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When I heard they had found a cure for dyslexia….

It was like music to my arse :wink:


Glad they could replace your laser transport. You were one of the lucky few…

I don’t think it was replaced. It was checked out and/or refurbished… it was a DAC that was replaced which I believe is still possible. Anyway it’s back and so far so good. Sounding wonderful.
Currently listening to English concert Trevor Pinnock J. S. Bach Brandenburg concerto

Would just like to add I guess this is what we pay for as well that kit is serviceable.

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Long may it go on and on and on and on… :+1:


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