CDS3 mechanism repair

My CDS3 has become noisy and is slow to engage. I had the mechanism replaced to a VAM 1202 six years ago by Chris West at A/V Options. Are replacements still available for my player?


I believe so. Your best bet is to get in touch with Chris again.

Distant memory here, but i believe Class A can repair these, maybe ask Darren?

Long way from the USA to Sheffield…

Have you contacted Eric Adler at AudioPlus (the North American Naim distributor)? I believe they are located in Montreal, Canada but service the US market.

Eric Adler 800.663.9352x9

Thanks I have contacted Eric and will be sending my CDS to him shortly.

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Excellent! Nothing against Chris or AV Options at all - he does great work and repaired my CDX2 and HDX in the past. In fact, early on in their capacity as NA distributor, I believe Audio Plus sent all their warranty repairs to Chris. I suspect though, now they are established, they are doing their own repairs.

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