CDS3 repair

I read that Naim no longer have parts to repair the laser mechanism. So, am I missing something when I see VAM 1202 and 1250 sales adverts on the net? I don’t need one but just curious and thinking ahead. Thanks

There are many laser transports available. Most are of dubious quality. Naim has no inventory left and cannot repair the CDS3. I miss mine.

Legitimate supplies of the VAM1250 (and to some extent also the VAM1202) were long gone years ago. Which leaves an awful lot of rather illegitimate rubbish out there looking for a buyer. These mechs are a big gamble. The only question is whether you feel lucky…


Well, do you feel luck punk.


Hello @Richard.Dane. I’ve always wanted a naim cd player one day for proper sitting down listening sessions. I do often see Naim CD players for sale on eBay and in the classifieds. Is it now that case that none of the Naim CD players can be repaired? Or is it just some? I ask because I would still consider a Naim CD player if the price is right you see. I saw a CD555 for sale a while back - blimey I was sorely tempted…what a machine that is!

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Naim’s CD players can mostly be repaired but if it’s the laser mechanism that needs replacement then Naim’s once extensive stocks of many of these are now exhausted. You would be therefore be reliant on “kitchen table” techs who can sometimes cobble together working mechs from old parts or mechs from scavenged from other players. As the situation is often quite fluid with regard to the later mechs such as VAM1205 and VAM1202, you’re probably best off enquiring with Naim on the current stock situation.


I see. Brill. Thanks for your usual swift response @Richard.Dane .

I thought Neil from Naim confirmed that they had mechs for CDS3s in stock again just a few months ago? Def worth checking with Naim.

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Yes, but that was then. For an up to date status, best check with Naim.


If Naim had any mechs, it was probably not very many. There is also the problem of some mechs being DOA - Dead On Arrival - due to their age.

Perhaps @NeilS can comment on the latest situation…?

It’s good there is an option to check with Naim the particular mech stock, but that is still in the moment. Tomorrow situation might change. If you already have got a player it is one story, it could be different if yet plan to buy.
(yes, I hear the point it is potentially with a any equipment, but still)

Why can’t someone start making mechanisms for these cd players,
People keep on about recycling.
Nothing seems to be repairable anymore, How many cd players have gone to
landfill for the sake of a laser mech.

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Money, simply that, as there’s no money to be had in doing this for the outlay.
Especially when you can just go out and buy a CD player if you want one, and as cd player’s aren’t as popular these days, then no real insensitive for manufacturers to do it,

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Yes i know, But something like a cds3 is a lot of money to throw away.

It was, but these days its just old stock, with a very small user base for anyone to even start thinking about

Well… Rega make their own mechanisms, I understand. So that’s one way to go.

For the CDX2, Naim already replaced the mech in it once (from VAM1250 to VAM1205), to try to resolve this. But now 1205’s have pretty much run out.

I think I have understood, that Naim keep looking for spare mechs, and buy up what they can. But some can be DOA… :thinking:

Despite owning a CDX2, I do understand and cannot see what more Naim can do.

Maybe the longer term fix is to get a PC drive based CD Transport and run into a DAC…?

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It is a shame, but I guess there are some that last quite a number of years before dying. I think if mine died, then I would try and find a use for the XPS2. Although with the new series coming out, that starts to look redundant as well. I guess NDACs are hard to come by.

I think I will be demoing in the next years

  • Naim NSS333 and NPX300
  • Auralic Aries and Vega G2

The thing I like about the Auralic (apart from sounding good) is that you music collection can be stored in a large onboard SSD. It would be also easy to transfer what I already have on my Altair G1

For sure my new room and replacements for the wharfedale diamond 220s are higher on the priority list

There are no less items that can use the XPS, than there were. Which means there are a lot.

No idea if N-DAC’s are rare or not. Guess like a lot of Naim-ey things, people just keep them…?

I have not been told of any developments on this, so my last post remains the current situation I’m afraid.



Would it be possible for Naim to modify the CDS 3 to take an external transport if the supply of mechs were to be exhausted. It’s taken me years to assemble my system and I would not be able to purchase another player of the quality of the CDS3 in the future. I have no interest in streaming or ripping CDs and I think it would be a real shame to discard my cd player due to lack of mechs.