CDS3 right channel stopped

Just put a cd in the cd3 and the right channel has suddenly stopped working. Changed the input and with a different cable on the ‘52 and still not working, so it’s definitely the cds3. If you press the mono button you just get 2 channels of the left channel, so that’s not ideal. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Two channels as normal with other sources through your amp?

Yes, the ndx2 plays just fine. I have tried the cds3 in the bnc sockets and it’s the same.

Using DIN or phonos

I use din to din with the supplied cable. Just another point, if I turn the balance to the right and turn the volume high you can faintly hear the cd coming through.

Richard may throw some light I’m sure, possibly dodgy DIN socket, solder issue?

Have you tried both the DIN and the RCA phono outputs on the CDS3?

No, haven’t tried that yet, I will hunt a lead down now. It wouldn’t be a stuck relay or something ?

Try toggling thru’ the output settings - DIN-Phono-Both-DIN - ?

Your Remote can do it…

With the Player stopped, press & hold the Disp button…

I’m getting nothing at all from the RCA’s.

You need to turn them on. As @IanRobertM just sad….

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Have you switched them on? See IanRobertM’s post above.

Also if using a RCA-RCA interconnect make sure the RCA Phono inputs on your pre-amp are enabled.

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Quote (from Naim CDP Manual 9C - page E8):

13.4 Output Socket Selection
A pair of RCA Phono output sockets are fitted on CD player rear panels to provide an alternative to the preferred DIN socket. Proceed as follows to select the RCA Phono sockets.
With the player stopped, press and hold the remote handset disp function (handset in CD mode) or, if fitted, the player disp button until the CD player prog indicator flashes. Further operations of the disp function will now cycle through each combination of the two socket types (DIN only, RCA Phono only or both). The selected option is indicated on the CD player display as shown below.
Socket Option Player Display
Phono O O
Both O O O
Press and hold the disp function a second time to exit from socket selection mode.
To avoid compromised sound quality, do not select both unless their simultaneous use is unavoidable.

My bet is on a dodgy DIN lead…

Another thing to try is to plug and unplug both DIN’s several times.

Also try a different DIN Input on your 52.

Okay I got it and I managed to get it to play with the RCA’s same as the din to din…. No right channel.

This was using RCA to DIN and I plugged it into where the NDX2 is which is perfectly alright and there is still no right channel, so it’s definitely the cds3.

Oh… b… Lets hope it might be something simple to get fixed…?

Mm,not looking good. Can a faulty transport lose a channel?

I’ve set the cds3 to output DIN and RCA at the same time on different inputs on the ‘52 and they both are saying that the right channel is not working.

It could be a stuck relay. That’s a back to base repair.