Cds3 service

Anybody know if naim are replacing mech for cds3 yet.?

I thinks its safe to assume that the answer is No… :thinking:

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The last i was told they where looking for new mech provider that was last year not everyone wants to stream just thought their might be some news.Thanks for reply…

I sold my CDS3 with XPS2 recently. Beautiful CD player. Looks stunning too. I can fully understand you wanting to keep it and look after it.

I have an NDS with 555PS which I also had at the same time as the CDS3 with XPS2.

Due to finances one of them had to go and so the CDS3 was sold. The NDS does have the edge tbf. But CDS3 is very very good.

Keep it and hopefully it never goes wrong!

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@NeilS may know, however I would think it unlikely that any new supply has been found in current circumstances until things open up again.

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Thanks for info does the NDS in your opinion sound like ths cds3 also do you need to have the nds hard wired to your Internet.


It depends on the mech i think. The vam1250 maybe possible to refurbish from parts. I don’t know the details but my cds3 had some work related to the mech

Yes it likely my vam1250 is on it’s last legs its skipping and sometimes it might stall for a split second and sound like if the music has been muted.

Let me check on the status of this & I’ll report back.



Ok thanks.

The NDS makes use of two Burndys and sounds more dynamic, detailed and fuller than CDS3. I have it hard wired to the internet. I have downloaded all my CDs to a hard drive and play them that way.

It is better than CDS3, but I like the format of CD and enjoy putting a CD on in yhe same way as I enjoy playing vinyl.

They are similar I guess but NDS has edge. Ideally I would have kept them both but couldn’t.

I had a CDS2 with XPS which was totally different in character which I loved more. Warmer, less clear but more boogie factor than both. Maybe the best Naim CD player! Anyway gone now!

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Hey Dan, now that u sold the cds3, what’s the next upgrade?
All that money u raised with the recent sale😏
Smart move btw

That’s great i have to have a look at this option. Thanks for your help.

Hey David, I’m going to leave everything as it is at the moment as I am happy with my system.

In the future I would consider 552, 52 or 252.

But at present I will sit tight!

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Hi Hawkmoon,

Yes, we currently have stock of VAM1202 transports - however, I should warn you that we are crazy busy at the moment, so turn around times may be longer than usual.



Ok thanks will it best to wait for awhile.

Yes, I’d recommend leaving it a month or two - the summer might be a bit calmer!


Great thanks.

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Our CDS3 with VAM1250 mech went back to Naim for a service and mech check. It came back with a VAM1202 mech and new matching circuit board, as well as lots of new tantalum bead capacitors.

It also sounded by far the best I ever remembered a CDS3 sounding.
If anyone warns you that a VAM1250 is superior to a VAM1202, then Naim’s implementation in the CDS3 allows you to take such assertions with a pinch of salt.

Best regards, BF