Cds3 transport

For the techies , if I was to trade in my cds3 and courier it how tight should the transit bolts be?

I’ve never seen any definitive figures but my understanding is you’re just securing the suspension system so finger tight is all you need.
I guess if you needed any tighter they’d be hex bolts.

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Always a big big risk using a courier I used one last year to send CDS3 to a buyer it arrived DOA. Had to give money back and return it to my dealer for another mech. £350 again ouch :thinking::rage::rage::rage: sooo as stated before be careful very careful using couriers and players.

I have sold and shipped several naim items and speakers very recently using parcel force :wink: extremely good all arrived perfect no damage at all.

Regarding CDS3, fortunately I was able to collect from buyer the shipping container was a mess. Fortunately no damage to outside of unit

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I’ve seen Hermes deliverers drive off with parcels on the roof!

Last time my LP12 was couriered was in 1988 from Glasgow to Oldham.

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Did the courier pay for the broken mech?

Naim also tend to use about 100mm of electrical tape across every locking screw, which is stuck to the casework should they ever work lose.

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Nope insurance was expensive for item they wanted £170 to insure player. As we do I took a gamble on arriving ok they were supposed to be the best according to Google. Courier was tnt.
All deliveries by parcel force arrived ok.
Unless you pay extra to couriers for insurance they will only pay max of £40 for loss or damage :flushed::rage:

CDS3 player was very secure when returned from Naim, door was secured with blue sticky film and extra packaging

Very much depends. Here in Germany, DHL coves 500 euros by default and an increase to 2000 or so costs just a few euros

Different here you get ripped off all the time. I have found parcel force to be far better including insurance cover. Couriers are after maximum profit I’ve seen myself at tnt depot how parcels including large ones are thrown around :rage:. Person serving me also said because staff are under pressure to deliver they don’t always scan bar codes correctly. Reason why they go missing

Finger tight, with a snug ‘X’ of electrical tape over each one for additional peace of mind. Tip of the hat to Chris West of AV Options for this advice.

I’ll use parcel force and pack it well so here’s hoping … transit bolts in place and I’ll tape them over

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