Cds3 vs cd555

The main issue for me with the ND555 and ‘Classical Music’ is how good it sounds! (Sounds superb on every type of music).

Hi @Douglas, as HH has already mentioned, Naim streamers do not have a problem playing ‘gapless’ so if that is what your dealer is referring to, perhaps he has a problem with his server?

No, I think the streaming way is not for me at the moment. My dealer has sold Naim streaming devices to those who want to change.
I like the physical form in both CD and LP. I am still buying both formats.
Each to his own perhaps?


Of course, if that is your preference, there is no need to change. For me, there is no appeal in having to store and handle LPs and CDs. I was very glad I found the opportunity to get rid of them, and streaming gave me that opportunity. But you don’t have to agree with me.

Each indeed to their own. How boring would it be otherwise?

I can’t remember the last time I played a CD. It could be going on 10 years now. But I still buy them by the armful.

Gregg, you have been very unlucky. I bought one of the first CDS3s in 2003 I think. No problems at all apart from the occasional new puck.

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I’m not quite as bad as that, but do tend buy significantly more than I play!

I don’t play any of the CDs I buy. I rip them and stream them. I’ll always look for HiRes first, and check the DR values etc. But a lot of the material I like is still only available in 16/44 or less. So I go for CDs. I suppose that one day it will be downloads only for new material. As long as a download can be reddened to 16/44 WAV and burnt to Audio CD format, CD players will be viable.

I’m still buying AND playing CDs. The CD555 is a great excuse to.keep this old fashioned habit going though. :wink:


However antiquated it may seem, it’s relatively new technology. People were pushing files over networks long before laser discs were for sale in the shops.

Not heard a 555 as I don’t like to listen to what I can’t afford.
However I do prefer my CDS3 with the XPS2 as opposed to the 555PS. I think the former sounds more organic whereas the extra stuff the latter unit digs out makes it sound more hi-fi.
Steve O.

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