Cds3 with 555PS

Hi all, would like some of you who are NOT prefer the cds3 with 555ps to share the experience?
And what Xps2 is win 555ps.

I have never heard of anyone preferring the XPS2 when compared to the 555ps.
Everyone seems to say that the 555ps is much better.
I have not made the comparison myself though.

Forgive me if my memory fails here but I think that Simon in Suffolk preferred the CDS3 with an XPS rather than 555PS.

Having just had my CDS3 serviced and 555PS serviced & DRed I’m in absolute heaven with the music this thing extracts from the plastic disc. I have heard some very posh streaming systems today including an ND555 and Chord DAVE + M Scaler into 552DR and 500DR, both fronted by a Melco box and some very expensive cables, yet when I came home and played a CD, I just sighed with relief at the sense of coherent musical flow without forensic analysis of the texture of each note. Lovely, just lovely.

Back when I did compare my CDS3 with an XPS2 vs 555PS, the less expensive power supply made the CDS3 play music with a greater sense of politeness, relaxation and calmness. Alternatively, the 555PS gave music greater dynamic range, better defined transients, much more drive, bass power & sense of boogie (when appropriate). I preferred the extra life, drive & dynamism that the 555PS brought. Others prefer the extra politeness of the XPS.

Hope this helps, BF

any experience with dac?

The CDS3 had a sense of musicality many other high end CD players could match its sense of ease and flow was magnificent. Adding a 555 PS just took it to another level IMO.

I quite like your experience! That is what I want, thank you BF!

This was my experience of CDS3 555PS also. I had this for a number of years.


I ha e CDS3 with 555dr. Sounds really good to me.

Auditioned the CD555 (the one built for Mr. Stephenson) and decided to stick.

In conclusion I think it is difficult to go wrong with CDS3 and 555dr, although I haven’t heard the ND555 as yet.

Prior to having the 555dr I had a third party XPS power supply which the 555 improved on.

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