Cds3 with olive xps

I can get a nice cds3 and separetly a serviced olive xps my question is if the SQ will remain the same to the original pairing with the xps2.

The XPS2 has a larger transformer than the olive XPS (500VA versus 430VA if memory serves) which makes it more capable.

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I just replaced my olive xps on my cds2 with an xps dr
The difference was quite significant- much improved sound in all areas. My olive xps had been serviced 8-9 yrs ago so maybe was due for a service. I was using S- XPS burndy with both power supplies so that was not a factor.

Thanks for replies.But i will ask again,since i am going to combine a cds3 head unit with an olive xps is it going to sound like a cds3.My goal is to get away from the aggressive sound of my cdx2.2 which does not suit the music that i listen to(mostly classic and baroque).

Yes , it will sound like a CDS3 and it will sound more “organic” than a CDX2.2…
It will just sound more fleshed out and robust with a XPS-2 or XPS-2DR. The PS makes a significant difference. Keep that in mind but def get the CDS3 - a fantastic CD player.


Encouraging response.Thanks

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