Cds3 - XPS2 v.s 555PS (based on non dr)

  1. Which one presents vocal sound thicker and sweet?
  2. Is the presentation of xps2 sounds slower and relaxed than 555ps?
  3. Is the 555ps sounds more aggressive and more hifi than xps2?

1 - the power supply doesn’t present anything. It enhances what’s there. I wouldn’t say either CDP does thick/sweet.

2 - as above but no. The XPS2 fair rattles along with anything with PRaT.

3 - no. The CDS3 is far better on timbre than the CDX2 but has less PRaT. Both power supplies will enhance PRaT. On paper the more expensive PS wins but it’s about preference really. What I prefer you may not.

This is consistent with our experience. In addition to better timbre, the CDS3 presents music in a much calmer way than the CDX2, with greater insight, natural flow and without any of the CDX2’s tendency towards aggression.

We found the CDS3/XPS2 to be too polite for us. The CDS3/555PS retained all the advantages of the CDS3/XPS2 but gave music a kick up the pants and brought back the life (i.e. PRaT) & vitality that the CDX2 radiates. In other words, the CDS3/555PS combines the best attributes of the CDS3/XPS2 and the CDX2/555PS.


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I have the CDS3 with the XPS2 and I also have a 555PS which is connected to the NDS.

I have connected the CDS3 to the 555PS for a few weeks. To me it sounded more detailed with a wider soundstage. The XPS2 has been serviced and sounds very good too. My preference would be a 555PS on the CDS3 but don’t have the funds right now to justify that.

Both sound mighty fine with the 555PS having a definite edge.

I am happy living with the XPS2 though. It was designed for the CDS3 after all!

If starting out and you have the funds I would vote for 555PS.

The XPS2 is a little slower and more relaxed. The 555 is faster and clearer. Definitely an overall better presentation as you’d expect from a more expensive PS.

What’s better? Your choice! I prefer the 555PS.


A very good description I think.

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Thanks for all the very details comments.

Currently am using xps2 with cds3.

  1. I quite love the vocal presentation of xps2 with cds3, which sounds very warm and like tube machine.

  2. Also love the laid back presentation of xps2 with cds3.

  3. But xps2 with cds3 laid of some details and tight bass so thats why am considering for 555ps.

Anyone can share more about my concern above point 1 to 3.

Appreciate your input

Some feedbacks from members here:

Mlauner/sept 2019

“Adding the PS 555 power supply to my CDS3 resulted in greater immediacy of the sound. A bit more weight to the bottom end, also no hum, which was an issue with the XPS.”

[MichaelF/ sept 2020

“When I had a CDS3 I upgraded to a 555PS and found it a very significant step forward. I would say bigger than upgrading the head units from CDS3 to CD555. Certainly try to home dem one and see if it works for you. Another advantage is that the 555PS can then be used if you decide to upgrade to a streamer later.”


‘My experience was exactly the same. The 555 gives a nice bit of added oomph without losing the lovely character of the CDS3. I haven’t tried a 555DR with it though, but cannot imagine it working less well. The OP should bear in mind that the S-XPS Burndy goes with the XPS, so a new Burndy will be enquired with the 555. It’s the S-XPS Burndy in both cases.”

Alfy: sept 2020

Had CDS3 with XPS then moved to ps555 non dr
A massive upgrade on all levels
I much preferred the ps555 it seems to be more enjoyable to listen too more musical and real not rushed very relaxed.
Moved to an NDX with ps 555
But the CDS3 was more magical.

Since moved to a server/ ripper and a Dac
Which has restored the magic I had with the CDS3”


Hi all, i got all the comments, thanks.

Actually i mainly concern the presentation on vocal part, because i like to listen R&B, so is the 555ps sounds more warmer than xps2 ?

Really need your help to share comments

Appreciate again

Hi all

Anyone can share just about the vocal comments of both ps


If you have the funds i would recommend trying both and see if the price upgrade of the 555PS is worth the difference.

Don’t forget that everybody has different speakers and rooms, so i doubt that user comments will be helpful to make an informed choice.

The other point is that most here went for a streaming source. Having had the xps2 and now 555 dr, I can’t imagine the vocals sounding worse with the later ps. More real, with more body, yes.

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