CDSPS Power supply with an nDAC?


Does anyone have any experience of using a CDSPS power supply with anything other than a CDS or CDS2?

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that a CDSPS power supply can be used with an NDAC, a search throws up very little on this and what is revealed is a bit contradictory. My CDS2 (converted by Naim from my original CDS) has a CDSPS modified (I think just the burndy) to suit the CDS2 . The CDSPS isn’t worth anything on it’s own but If I could use it with an NDAC after a service it may well be an interesting upgrade to my NDX. If anyone has any experience or a definitive answer I would be very grateful, it’s such a heavy beast of a thing it would be a shame to confine it to a hifi scrapheap!

Many thanks.


You ask if the olive XPS can run the Ndac?
I would say yes. Some will soon confirm, or not…

Yes, so long as the Burndy is converted as yours is, it’ll be fine.

Thank you Richard, I’ll ponder a service and an NDAC!

Well it’s not actually an olive XPS it’s a CDSPS a forerunner originally supplied with my CDS head unit. At some point after the CDS2 launched Naim offered a “conversion” of the CDS head unit to a CDS2 which as far as I recall was essentially taking out the CDS unit and slipping a CDS2 into the existing case. You could keep the CDS power supply the CDSPS but the burndy required a modification, or you could invest in an XPS. I think that mine was probably one of the very last to be converted as there was a cut of date for this but I can’t recall what year this was possibly around 1998?

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Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t knew that. Thought there was only the XPS at that time to power CDS or CDS2.

The conversion cost was £1400 so it was quite a good deal if you had the CDS, apparently the XPS was better, but some preferred the CDSPS as it gave a more analogue sound……allegedly.


I used this for some years and liked it over the bare nDac.

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