CDX 2 Dilemma

Hello all,

The right channel of my CDX2 (2004 model)
has stopped working. I’ve left it off for a week and tried both DIN and RCA, so I think it truly is dead.

Repair would likely involve a new transport, so not an insignificant investment. Because of future uncertainty about transport supplies, I feel repair is a “now or never” situation.

The alternative would be a DAC using my old NAD CD player as a transport. This would open up streaming and file playback, which I have really only dabbled in.

Thoughts on these or an alternative choice?

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Welcome Charles.

That’s quite an assumption. Has an engineer inspected your CDX2?



It has not been to the service center yet.

I had not experienced any skipping prior this but my thought was to have the transport replaced along with the output boards.

None of us can diagnose the fault remotely, nor advise whether (for example) a new transport mechanism will be needed to fix the problem.

Do you have lots of CDs? If so, get the player sorted. Yes, Naim are having difficulties sourcing new transport mechanisms (if that is indeed the problem). So, if you need to get the player fixed, don’t delay taking action.


Ditto you need to get it assessed. It’s a very good player.

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The difficulty with original CDX2s is that some dealers are openly reluctant to transport them because of the risk to the transport. Some people prefer the new mech but, in my experience, most do not. The thought of losing it is a big consideration. If you can transport it yourself somewhere like the superb and relatively cheap Class A then you can remove some of that risk but otherwise you have a decision to make.

You may well find that the mech is fine. Losing one channel may well just be something like a stuck relay.

As for the mech update, this came with some other improvement tweaks to the transport section and should perform at least as well, if not even better than the earlier one.


I have a cdx2.2 and it’s excellent but have ripped my cds to my unitiserve and have an nd5xs 2 that I run through a Naim DAC/Xps…I rarely use the cd player but it does sound excellent…big issue I’ve had is, laser etc was replaced about 2 years ago and it’s playing up again…same dilemma…fix or move on but I’m fine with the current situation

AFAIK, Class A do not work on Naim CD players. Being sent to Salisbury is required… :expressionless:

Thank you for the advice. The universal answer here and elsewhere is to repair, not replace. I’ve emailed AV Options, who service Naim in the US.


Well, at least get it looked at and get a quote for repair. Then you’re making a decision from a position of knowledge.



Mine went there. Essentially they will only do CD if you contact for a quote and a discussion ensues.


That’s useful information. Thank you.

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You may have to contact Focal/Naim in Canada. I do not think Chris at A/V Options services CD players any longer.

Chris referred my to Naim/Focal for CD service.

I’m sending it in this weekend for an evaluation and price for repairing the right channel. Transports are unavailable for my machine, so that option is out.

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That was the case - but has changed. As I understand, CD mechs are now available for the CDX2 (and others), from Salisbury HQ.

AFAIK… :thinking:

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I’ve just had a new mechanism fitted (CDX2).


A particularly appropriate typo? Any reaction, @NeilS?


Fixed… :expressionless:

Naim HQ may well be ‘busy’ … :grimacing:

Thank you, for confirming this :grimacing:

Another CDX2 owner here - which is on the original, earlier mech… :astonished: