CDX2/272/XPS/300 nonDR

Hi mates,

Due to the lockdown effect, crazy in the past months upgrading my stuff from:

Nait XS2 to
XS2/Hi-cap to
XS2/Hi-cap/200Dr to

to drive 10s & D20R

Now leaving XS2/hi-cap/200Dr as ‘so called’ backup unit

Well, the whole exercise nothing to do with the system itself but merely a kind of ‘addictive involuntary action’- my belief ! Ha ha

The end of day dreaming new piece of 282 and hope will put this an end at least for the next 12 months

Does it looks similar to your story ?

Cheers & nice weekend mates

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Enjoy the improvements. Yes I know all about upgradetis. Once you get the system you are content with or you run out of money the upgrades will stop until things change.

I am happy with my system right now. The itches to upgrade are not there neither is the money!

For sure you are the happy man now !
Enjoy your naim music

I really don’t know if I should go crazy for a 282 whilst I have no complaint on 272 /XPS

The only problem seems streaming sounds a bit digital & I rather stick to my lively CDs


Why not go for an 82. Similar to 282 only much cheaper?

Hi Charteraplha,

on the kit front, snap. I have CDX2/272/XPS/300 since 2016. If you like CD, have you tried a second XPS for the CDX2? On your streaming problem of too digital a sound, are you using UPnP streaming from a NAS drive or UnitiCore?


Hi, I am using my XPS with 272 leaving CDX2 alone, yes I will test it with CDX2 one day. Problem is I am aiming for a 282 while current XPS could then pair with CDx2 permanently.

Streaming count on 272/tidal (hifi) which is a bit hassle free for a senior citizen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and that is why I prefer to pair XPS (2010) with 272 to enhance its performance.

Kindly enlighten

I am from greenfield & need a bit of research job in the first place. Thanks for the adv mate !

Hi Charteralpha,

if you are sure you want to move to a 282, there are few options to enhance the sound with the 272 which are not thrown away on your change over to the 282. Converting the XPS to DR, 300 to DR would improve your current set-up and your future set-up with the 282. As you have a HICAP, You are one step closer to the 282 than me.

The 272 responds to replacing mains cables with something fancy, and a mains filter will help. Getting your internet to the 272 with ethernet cables, not WIFI will help avoid drop-outs and buffer under-run. Ethernet over the mains generally gets negative comments, but that’s beyond the limits of my hearing. All these changes are aimed at reducing the noise floor; they got me more dynamics, less high frequency hash. Choose mains products with advice because some might leave you with a dull sounding system.

I don’t have a 282 to compare. I would look to a dealer for help and home demo before making a decision.

Hi, thx for all option adv. upgrading current XPS/300 to Dr version obviously too expensive & result in question ? I meant whether the act good for 20 pct or 50 pct or more …
don’t want to do the wild goose chase.

272 currently connected with an Ethernet.

Will aim for 282. Work hard play hard mate !

I found the N272 can be rendered a bit less ‘digital’ sounding with the addition of a decent ethernet switch. I have the EtherRegen; the EE switch is another popular option.

Another low-cost upgrade is to send Tidal to your N272 in WAV format instead of FLAC. I’ve found Audirvana the simplest (and best) option here as it does this by default. (Hassle factor: low.)

Thx easeback1.

Heard of the switch thing & I need to digest. May try to look for EtherRegen here in Hong Kong if it’s cost effective.

Wave instead of Flac - 272 already compatible with Sportify & Tidal, dare to use a computer or else that complicates the simple job. Need some sort of balance - give & take, in my case.

Just surf for Audirvana, sounds interesting & no harm to give it a try. Thanks very much.

My case. I am just thinking of moving to 282 then a New box with roon ready/ MQA etc to close file …

Believe have to live with new technologies mate !


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