CDX2 connected to a non powered XPS2

It makes no difference whatsoever.

Apart from preventing the circuitry in CD player being adversely effected by interference from transformer.

An unpowered transformer is unable to do this.:nerd_face:

If you have the mains power lead unplugged from the CDX2, as you should if you are using the XPS connected by the burndy, then it makes no difference at all whether the power switch in the back of the CDX2 is on or off, because that circuitry is not doing anything nor connected to anything either.

ok so it’s 100% sure that the fuse in my apartment did not blow because of the CDX2.2 switched to On or Off, let’s say the false position (burndy attached and CDX2 main power cable removed) when I switched on the XPS power supply for the first time yesterday, as I thought I had the CDX2 power switch button in the false position. Update: I tried it! No change. Wow, the current puzzle is finally put together.

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It’s 100%.

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