CDX2 display issue

The display on my CDX2 shows spreading dark spots, caused by a leakage of liquid crystal fluid, I guess.
This already happened a couple of years ago. I had the display replaced at Naim and thought it would be an issue with a bad batch. Now the same kind of spots appear again!
I seldom use the CDX2 as I prefer streaming music these days and it is switched off most of the time, but it looks really ugly.
Has anyone seen this too?

Has anybody been pressing on the display at all? It’s usually caused by this - and when the display is pressed the filter touches the screen and sticks to it in areas, giving the “dark spots”. It usually needs disassembly of the front panel and display assembly and then the filter replaced.

Richard, no, I never touched the display.

OK, thanks. That’s usually the cause though.

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