CDX2 issue

In the last picture, you can see the part that came unstuck. It’s not too difficult to put it back, but it might as well be done by a Naim specialist, who will also look at the rest of the unit (not very old, 2018, I believe).

It may help for future reference, not to allow the puck to be snatched from one’s fingers from the magnetic force, but to ease the puck gently onto the platter with every disc change, even when intoxicated…it’s easy to forget, which is why it’s good practice to find that feel, regardless.

This actually happened when I removed the puck - very cautiously. As Neil pointed out, this must have been due to the hairline crack in the platter.
And I don’t think I was intoxicated when it happened… I always treat the CD player with the utmost respect.


Thank you for the reminder, @AWillby - I know this is a good habit to get into, but I often forget. With my CDX2 still on its original transport without any issues (touch wood), I really need to do better.


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A quick update: I rang up Focal in France, I had a chat with a very friendly gentleman, and this morning I got an email from them. They’re getting in touch with Naim in Salisbury, and will try to avoid having to send the unit back to the factory. So it’s clear Focal are actually servicing CDX2s (provided they have the parts). I thought this might be useful to other Naim owners on the continent.


Fantastic. Hope it all works out.:+1:

A quick update: no news…
No news is good news, they say???

Focal have informed me that Naim are sending the parts (parts? I thought it was just the platter) and that it should arrive before the end of the month.
I will then have a choice : send the CDX2 to Focal, they can do the job. This is apparently not without risk, as some have pointed out on the forum - the machine could suffer in transit.
Or fix it myself, following @NeilS’s instructions - which is not without risk either, as I’m not an electrical engineer (but I’m not completely useless at repairing things).
Any advice?

Its your choice… :thinking:

But - if Focal get it wrong you have some comeback. If you do, there is nothing.

Transit risks can be insured against, if you wish. Do you not sent it via your Naim dealer…?

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There are two Naim dealers where I live, neither of whom I would trust (it’s a long story, I won’t go into that). Focal don’t mind if it doesn’t go through a dealer, and I bought the machine second-hand.
Risks can indeed be insured - but how much do you get from an insurance company if an 8-year-old CD player is lost or damaged?

That’s not very positive… but thanks, I appreciate the effort.

I have Deleted my Post.

I will not post further.

Try to ask for a skilled worker to do it, like an « horloger « . Just an idea.

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Or the Naim package inside a much bigger package surrounded by polystyrene protection.

I’ve still got the original packaging. It should be ok.

The problem is that the « livreurs « are throwing the packages without any care. A double protection would not be too much for the fragile cd mechanism.

Another quick update: I have been encouraged to be positive in this thread, but after 11 weeks, I still don’t know whether Naim has managed to locate the part (I do realise it’s not going to be new, so it may be more difficult to source), whether they’ve sent it to Focal or not, whether it’s being detained at the British or French customs… Focal claims this is because of B…t, the unnameable - I tend to think there’s a lack of coordination between Focal and Naim.

I am aware that the unit is no longer being made, and I’m grateful to Naim for trying to keep my player alive (although it is not that old), other firms would simply have replied “hard luck”. The next step is to send an email to Salisbury, I suppose.


Happy ending: in the end, Salisbury simply sent a new mechanism, which has just been fitted. My CDX2 should arrive in a couple of days - total cost, just over 400€ (that includes shipping it to Focal). The whole thing took over 3 months, though.


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