CDX2 mechanism repair

Thanks for the heads up!

I realise mechanisms are just going to be old and possibly will go faulty soon, transport won’t help stability in that regard. Still, I can imagine missing your CDS3! I’ve never heard one, but since it should be better than my CDX2…!

Since a new player (both used and second hand) will probably be more expensive, I’m inclined to give it a go, especially with the dealer being relatively positive. I get the warning though, which is appreciated!

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It seems - based on posts I have seen on here - that repairs to both CDX2 and CDS3 machines are a bit of a lottery. Some have been fixed and stayed that way. Others have been DOA, back with their owners.

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This thread reminds me, sadly, of my Linn Unidisk 1.1 with the power supply upgrade. It sounded fabulous and cost about 16k cad. luckily I bought it pre-owned.
About 2 years after Linn pulled their CDP support, I realized I was listening to a ticking door-stop. So I reluctantly sold it on. It’s been 2 years and I still miss it and sort of regret losing faith in it.
I’ll replace it with an Audiolab 6000CDT soon and that should heal the wound. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fortunately, my pre-loved CDX2 only cost me about GB£1500, back in 2009… :expressionless:



Shouldn’t laugh, I suppose, but that made me smile.


I’m glad you did. That makes me smile …


Hello, Boekster, if your dealer can’t help with your CDX2, Class A - in Sheffield, Yorks - have a very fine reputation.

They are, I believe, one of the few after-market suppliers that Naim have approved of in the past.

(I have never had cause to use them, but I have read good things of them on this Forum over the years.)

I recently had a much-cherished CDS2 “die” on me (failed transport mech), so I know how upsetting this can be. (Fortunately I lucked on a new CDX2/XPS DR, which I have warming up, after arriving freezingly cold from the dealer.)

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Unfortunately, Class A does not work on CD players or streamers. (Info from their web page.)

Definitely good reputation though.

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There is a very good reason Darren at Class A no longer does work on CD players. He has got fed up with changing a dead drive for a brand new “dead drive” and then the customer saying it’s not fixed and then refusing to pay for his labour.


@kitfit1 - My understanding was than @Darran 's knowledge and expertise was with the traditional amp’s and power supplies. He leaves anything Digital to Naim in Salisbury.

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The way you phrase this it sounds as if you think it’s an issue with the customers attitude? If I paid for a repair I would expect it to be repaired. If many of the “new” mechs don’t work, that’s the business’ problem and they should price the repair to be able to absorb those additional costs.

I fully understand someone not wanting to take on the work if it’s that much hassle, I’m just saying that I don’t think the customer is at fault there.


@n-lot - As I said above, my understanding re Class A is different.

I have read on here, about repairs done by Naim at Salisbury subsequently found failed, but I am pretty sure that in such cases, Naim would refund the customer, as appropriate, without question. AFAIK…


That was my thought as well Ian. But a friend and i were up at Darran’s having a couple of Flatcap XS’s recapped. We were just having a chat when he had finished and the topic turned to mechs for our CD5 XS’s. After what he told us he certainly dosn’t touch cd’s now, but he obviously has in the past. Most people had brought their own “new” mechs for him to install and much the same as Naim themselves found out, most of them do not work.


@kitfit1 - Fairy Nuff, if its what @Darran told you.

New Info Is Good.

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From the horse’s mouth…


My conversation with Darren was on the 14/12/23, maybe his post was after that date.

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His post was on the 15/12/2023!

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Hej Graham,

Thanks for the reply!

After reading the rest of the replies after yours, it sounds like they might no longer repair CD-players. I appreciate the effort though! If I were to bring my own mech to a dealer, the onus would be on me, so any labour would need yo be paid for I feel. If they provided the repair and they used a faulty one, I reckon an agreement should be made. It depends on the conversation beforehand.

I did just bring mine to the dealer, hopefully they have good news for me sometime next week. If they can repair it and it’s going to cost more than € 100,- , they’ll give mr a heads up first. If they can’t guarantee the full repair, I’ll come to an agreement that I’m happy to pay for some labour, or all if the price is reasonable.

Thanks all for your replies so far, very helpful!

Good luck - fingers crossed for you!

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