CDX2 No sound

Any ideas why I’ve lost sound please? Disc is playing and amp is working thru other inputs. Just stopped yesterday. :woozy_face:

@Laus Hi, try this from the manual.

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Yes set to DIN 0. Have HiLine connected. If the the player has packed up would it just stop like that?

OK, that was a possibility, and worth trying - never had that happen in my experience.

Perhaps @Richard.Dane or others can advise?

Sorry in advance:

Hope your CD player isn’t (a) dead Laus

I’ll get my coat :joy:

If it’s definitely still set to DIN (check to be sure, just in case) then try it on another input that you know is working on the amp.

Try a power cycle.

Failing that, maybe @NeilS had some other ideas…

A long shot, but could it be the HiLine that’s failed?

Maybe trying another interconnect if there is one available to rule that out?

Like GeoffC has said i thought thats what had happened, i had the same problem and was puzzled but somehow i must have switched the input without knowing i had done it, hope you get it sorted without any expense.

If it’s a newer model - it hasn’t been switched to S/PDIF on the back when cleaning maybe?


The CDX2 I once owned used to swap outputs by itself. I was in my dealer’s shop once when a customer phoned with the same problem. My dealer hadn’t heard of this happening before. I told the customer what to do and the problem was sorted.

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Thanks. I’ll try all the above.

Sticky relay?

No, thanks, I’ve just had my pudding.


Thanks for all the helpful comments. A simple reboot was the solution. :roll_eyes:


Reboot = Power cycle?

(as a fellow CDX2 owner, I’d appreciate knowing any problems and all solutions!)

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