CDX2: one channel won't work

I have a CDX2 with XP5XS.
I’ve kept it unused for a while, then connected it back. Everything was OK.
Then I removed the external PSU and now one channel wont work.
Is there anything that I may try before I send it to technical support ?


  • I did not try and connect back the XP5XS
  • I tried inverting red and white RCA cables, and the ‘mute channel’ got inverted too, I tried to change signal cables and the problem was still there, so I guess it’s something in the CDP
  • I tried (several times) to pass to DIN and then back to RCA: didn’t work

Is the link plug connected properly? Turn the player off, wait a couple of minutes and then remove and replace the link plug.

do you mean the one that goes where the “umbilical chord” was connected.
yes, I tried to remove it and put it back in place, but I’ll try again.
is it enough to insert it (as I did) or should I “rotate” it (as I did not) ?

It doesn’t rotate, it just goes in. It’s a long shot, but worth trying. If that doesn’t work, and the leads are OK, then something is probably broken.

I am afraid it looks like a signal output relay has failed… you will need to send back to Salisbury or your national servicer.

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If you remove and replace the link plug or Burndy cable do make sure you have everything powered down first, otherwise you may damage something.

When you say it didn’t work trying to go from DIN to RCA, do you mean the socket re-assignment didn’t work properly?

You need to make sure the softkey is set to CD then press and hold DISP. Then press DISP to toggle between RCA Phono and DIN (or both at the same time - don’t leave it like this as there’s a performance penalty having both on). Then press and hold DISP to exit. Make sure whichever input you use on the pre-amp is enabled.

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@Richard.Dane: yes I had everything powered down when “working” with the plug.
I follwed the procedure you describe; I did not mean that I could not go from DIN to RCA and back, I meant that doing so did not solve the problem (my English is poor and I may be not clear, I apologise). A friend of mine, who owns several Naim pieces, suggested me to do so, but didn’t work.

@Simon-in-Suffolk : yes, I think I surrender: I’ll send it to LASA, the official servicer here in Italy.

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OK thanks for clarifying.

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