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Dear all,
Recently I bought an used CDX2 and it can play beautiful music. However, when I look deeply into the platter, I find that there is something bothered me. It looks like there is a crack on where I illustrated in the attached photograph. I tried to search photographs of other cdx2 on internet and I further find that others cdx2s do not have the same part with me. On the other hand my cdx2 looks like a cd5. I am very worried that the parts of mine was changed by the previous owner. Would anyone tell me is it a crack on my cdx2 and is it the original parts of a cdx2?
The S/N of mine is 2443XX.


Hi Sunny, the original CDX2 used a VAM1250 mechanism. As this was very short-lived mech and Naim’s stocks were finite the CDX2 was later re-engineered around the VAM1202, which is the mechanism in your player.

As for the photo, it does look like there’s little bit of the outer hub ring missing. Probably the original owner would drop the clamp onto the disc? It probably still works fine though?


It will work fine as it currently is. I have had it happen twice in 15 years. Just recently fixed as part of a service. I think the plastic, like all plastic, becomes more fragile with age. Be gentle with placong the cd and putting the puck on and takiing off. If an adjacent section breaks off you need to have it repaired as the cd can become unstable - it’s what happened on my the first time.

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I had a similar issue with a CDX2, but the platter itself was cracked. I was advised by NeilS to have it repaired, the mechanism was replaced by Focal. I suppose it matters less if it’s the outer ring.

Though my CDX2 is still playing well, this minor crack will definitely make me sleepless.

You could of course have the mechanism replaced if it makes you feel better (I know I would…). Mine was replaced last autumn, they might still have some.

I have contacted the distributor today for replacement. He replied that the whole mechanism is required to be replaced as a whole but the parts is out of stock for long time. I have to make an order to reserve the parts from Naim. However the delivery date is not known.

Any distributor or repair service in other countries have the laser mech parts?



I can’t really second guess Naim or the distributor here. I’m sure Naim do the best they can with less than perfect supplies.

I’d order and put yourself on the distributor’s waiting list for the time being, and in the meantime just be careful with placing and removing discs on the platter.

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