CDX2 Problem

I’ve just tried to play a CD on my CDX2 this morning and there seems to be a problem. It was working fine last night, but today it seems unable to read / play any CDs. I’ve tried a few different CDs. The CDX2 was bought new in 2008 and has worked perfectly since then.

It looks like I may need to visit a dealer to see what the issue is. I’m wondering if the problem is that the mech needs replacing. I would appreciate any views on this from the experienced members of this forum.


I could be as simple as the laser (lens) needs cleaning.

Try a power down, then power up again.

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Blimey, just powered down and powered up again and it’s working! Thanks very much, Richard. Does this mean that the mech might need replacing in the near future, or is it a bit like a computer where a power off/on sequence mysteriously corrects a problem?


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It’s can happen if there’s a power blip or static discharge. Power cycle clears it.

I see. Hopefully, I don’t have any further issues. Thanks again.

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