CDX2 surface metal lifting

I notice an issue with my CDX2. The surface layer of the magnetic metal that the puck is placed on is starting to lift. Is this likely to create a future problem and is there a way of treating the issue? It hasn’t effected playing of CDs to date.

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Probably one for @NeilS to advise on.

Mine did the same. I lifted off any loose bits of plating (?), with sticky tape and/or BluTac. I then - gently - loosened anything left and lifted that off.This is the result:

Still works fine… :smirk:

PS. Thanks to @suttonc1 for asking. I had not got a Round Tuit… :crazy_face:

Correct - it’s just the plating on the magnet ring.
A bit unpleasant on the eye, but if it still works!
If anything, your clamp will grip ever so slightly better.



@NeilS - Sorry , only just saw you reply. That’s pretty much what I thought (and hoped…) - just a cosmetic issue.

I imagine its the ‘nubs’ on the Clamp which slowly wear the plating…

Just there are some powders and a bit worried they will fly everywhere when the mech is working.

So… remove the loose bits…!!


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Carefully - gradually - bit by bit (literally…).

Using as little pressure as you can…

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Pls post an ‘After’ picture…?

Okay😅 but I will see when I have time for this. But I will post after I finish it

I did some but not finished yet. But like this is already okay I think. Thank you for your advice!

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Getting there… Try to get the rest of the ‘lifted’ plating, if you can… :sunglasses:

Do you think I should continue?

Hi @Desmond

I would use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any loose debris that you can see, but don’t actually touch the nozzle on the transport - keep a finger or two at the end to stop it latching on. Adjust the suction so it is on a low setting. Be careful !

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Thanks for your advice! I will have a try.

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