CDX2 tray going pale?

It looks to me like the platter in my 2003 CDX2 is going a bit pale, especially in places where it curves sharply.

Fault? Feature? Problem? Should I sleep well tonight?



You could always apply some Just For Men. Maybe you have some already.

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Be judicious in application, or the end result can look somewhat . . . forced.

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I’m delighted to report that I had to google Just for Men to find out what you were referring to. Having now found out, it’s definitely a case of ‘I’m good, thanks’. It does look quite grey compared to the outer case, though, so there’s a good point hiding in there.

Less facetious responses to my query are also welcome.


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How old is the player?

I dont have a history with Naim cd players, but plenty of plastics change color over the years. Color fading is a well understood phenomenon, and caused by a variety of factors. Heat can be one.

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Mark, it looks OK to me - I think as long as it’s working well I wouldn’t worry about it.


17 years old (as per original post!).

Thanks, Richard - for all the attention I’ve paid, it might have been that colour for a while and I just noticed now. Maybe it’s the greyish daylight streaming into the room through the clouds today. It certainly works absolutely fine, but I just wanted to check with those on here who have a rather wider experience of Naim CD players than I have, just in case.

I’ll stick a CD on and enjoy the sound.


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Gosh, mines been like that for years. 2002 model. Never given it a second thought.

Mind you as I think it’s the source of my sound woes maybe I should.

2005 model here for ref. With/without flash for colour fade / white balance comparison…plays, excellent :smile:

Both later VAM1202 versions.

The original VAM1250 had a light grey platter. Here’s a picture of the insides courtesy of Kuma. As you can see the VAM1250 platter is light grey in colour…

CDX2 inside

A good point - mine is definitely VAM1250 so good to know the earlier platter was lighter in colour. I’ll definitely sleep well tonight.

The CDs I listened to sounded great, by the way, as always.


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