CDX2 vs CD5X

So guys, is a bare CDX2 likely to sound better than my existing CD5X (with a Flatcap 2X)??? My Amplifier is a Supernait 2 and speakers are Linn Majik Isobariks.

Strait shoot out as above… Has anybody experience of both?

Cheers. Garry

Yes, CDX2 all the way.
The CD5 is a good player at its price point, but the FC doesn’t do much for it. Unlike an XPS on the CDX2, that’s probably one of the best PSU pairings from Naim.

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I haven’t heared a cdx2 + xps2, but I have compared the bare cdx2 against the bare cd5x and my preference was the latter with classical music.

I’ve owned both of these combinations. My preference would be for the 5X with Flatcap, which gives a lovely enjoyable sound, like a baby CDS2 or CDS3. The CDX2 is much more ‘hifi’, but will sound more rounded with an XPS2 power supply. I’d be loath to use a CDX2 without the XPS2.


I have a CDX2 with an XPS. Prior to that I had the CDX2 ‘bare’.

I listening to various Naim CDP’s from the CD3 to CD5 variants, over a few years, but chose to stick with my Arcam CDP. I then swapped to a Rega Apollo. I them listened again to the Naim CD5 (not sure which…?) and the Rega Saturn - plus a pre-loved Naim CDX2. I bought the CDX2…

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CDX2 is a very good CD player bettered only by CDS, 2, 3, and CD555. CD5 is no slouch though. Adding Naim power supply will enhance any Naim player.


A number of years back I compared a bare CDX2 with my then CD5XS/FC2. I preferred the latter, finding the CDX2 to be a little “cold”. With a power supply it may be a different story.

Had every intention many years ago of acquiring the 5X but it conspicuously failed it’s audition when it made Yoshimi Versus The Pink Robots sound like a band falling down the stairs at differing speeds. Adding the power supply and there was an uplift but with Yoshimi they’d were falling down the stairs at broadly the same spied. Lovely CD player but not across all genres.

I had a bare CDX2 for a year before I received an XPS2 for my 40th. It was only okay. With the power supply it was as it was described at the time i.e. a world class CDP.

My first purchase of naim was this exact comparison, went with the cdx2 as the body on voices was so much more realistic and weighty than the xs.

That was into an xs2 amp at the time.

I didn’t find the Flatcap on my 5X much if any improvement. Moved it on quite quickly. I have HCDR with it now. I like it a lot, but I tend to play records 90% of the time anyway. Sibelius this evening sounded wonderful on the 5X.

Can’t comment re vs as I’ve never heard the CDX2.

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Apologies for not answering the precise question, but for me the CDX2 + PS is a stunning CDP. I never heard a bare CDX2 so can’t comment, and I’ve since upgraded twice.


CDX2 likes a full Fraim shelf, even more than a power supply. The CD5x/FC2x was less fussy and didn’t seem to care what it sat on, except each other. If you can make a CDX2 happy it will reward you but if your setup is compromised keep the CD5x and look to other upgrades first.

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Interesting topic…
I do noz know the cdx2 - only cdx (olive). Adding an XPS to him, re started my updraditis at once.
This was a difference I have never thought of.

Interesting how a cdx1 is in range between cd5, cdx2 and cds

I preferred the cd5x with hicap vs the bare Cdx2. The later , bare, sounds a bit hard . With an xps 2 , it was my favourite Naim cd player, outside the Cd555.

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I haven’t had a CDX2 but am on my second CDS2 with XPS2 now and have had a CDS3 with XPS2 and have also had a CD5Si.

The CDS2 is my favourite so far but only just. I found the CDS3 more detailed but not quite the silky smoothness of the CDS2 which sounds like an older LP12.

I reckon the CDX2 will sound superb with a 555PS. It’s going to be more in the detailed CDS3 camp which when I had it sounded great with a 555PS which I normally used with my NDS.

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There’s at least three variations of the CDX2, the one with the rubber rings on the underside of the puck, 1250 mech I think, then the one with the same puck and 1202 mech as the CD5x and finally the one with a switchable digital output. I have the early version, I may have the mech numbers wrong. They’re all fussy blighters.

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