CDX2 won't update TOC


I just got my CDX2 back from focal-naim for a new transport, and I have this problem. I am opening a new ticket with them, but would like to see if anyone here ran into the same issue:

The Table of content (number of tracks, total time of the disk) is stuck on the first disk I put in, when I open the draw the display still shows the info of the disk vs “–”; and when I put another disk in the player doesn’t seem to read it and continue to display TOC of the first disk. It will play the new CD, but only if I play from the beginning. I can’t select any other tracks.


I wonder if the little magnet that tells if the drawer is open or closed has come loose in transit. @NeilS may have an idea here.

Sounds like you’re definitely on the right track there Richard, but either the magnet is stuck to the tray, or the circuit/reed switch has failed closed. Otherwise the laser diode would be permanently off.


Thanks, Richard. This is what I suspect after trying a few things without success, it’s as if opening/closing the drawer has no effect or the player is not aware of these actions. It plays cd fine, but can’t skip to random tracks because I guess the TOC was not read.

Thank you guys for the insight, and you are right on the money. Here is reply from Naim:

“The CD Tray door has a magnetic trigger that is used to tell the player that the door has opened and re-closed, he believes that it may have been dislodged during shipping.”

The player is going back to Naim.

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