CDX2 / XPS2 fault

I recently switched on my gear after it having been powered down for a couple of months only to find the R/H channel of the CDX2 not working. It is powered by an XPS2 and I was wondering if it was possible a fault with this could have damaged the CDX2. I would hate to get it repaired only for the same thing to happen. I know nothing about electronics so any thoughts would be welcome.

I presume you’ve powered up the CDX2 minus the XPS2 to see what happens?

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As Mike suggests above, switch off, re-fit the link plug to the back of the CDX2 and then power up again. See if that brings back the RH channel.

Another thing to try: assuming it’s currently on DIN, try it through the RCAs - you’ll need to assign the sockets via the remote.

I have yes

I’ve tried with the link plug fitted, and also with RCA leads. Reversing the leads reverses the fault.

OK. It could be a stuck relay then. Unfortunately it sounds like it will need to be looked at. I would contact your Naim dealer.

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