CDX2 XS with XPS2 for home office

Hello. As I have Tinnitus and because of the actual situation I decided finally to use my CDX2 XS again as some CD players have gone dead and I was so frightened that this unit would suffer of not being used. So I just connected my CDX2 XS with XPS2 and listen through Focal XS Book, as I consider it’s better to listen to these than to let it die (because of traffic noise, neighbours, health problems and now Tinnitus I was not able to use it since I moved in my new home, no old and deaf people around me anymore:-( , without having to pass my main Naim which is out of reach, is it possible to connect for example my Sudgen HA-4 headphone amplifier. Is it possible to connect CDX2 to another non Naim amplifier by one DIN Cable (view from the back at the right end). Focal speakers are small active speakers with built in amplifier.

Second question. I have one Rega Dac which I would like to connect to the S/Pdif output, but my Coax Cable seems not to be able to be connected. Do I need a special Naim Coax cable to connect Naim CDX2 XS to Rega Dac.

Will the Rega Dac be of any improvement.
Does the CDX2 have a built in Dac ? Will the CDX2 Dac be lost and only the Rega Dac will be considered?

Sorry, lots of questions but I’m not so fit anymore than some years ago, ok to be honest I never was fit at all about Naim connections :slight_smile:
Stay safe. Kind regards. Hififriend

I would personally not connect the Rega dac. The cdx2/ xps2 , i had it before, is remarkable as it. One of the best musical CD player.

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Hello and thanks for your advice. What I would need would be a BNC to digital RCA cable but indeed, why should I connect a perfectly balanced Naim sound to a 700 eur Rega Dac. What I did now is connect the Sudgen HA-4 headphone amplifier which brought the bass and punch back I reminded from yesterday where Rotel’s first ever 995 DVD Player was linked to the Rega Dac. So now I have the Naim CDX2 details with the calm of the XPS2 and the punch of a small powered amazing headphone amplifier. The small Focal Book shelves do a good job and bring out Naim philosophy, but of course even for my desktop, an amplifier with decent small speakers would perhaps improve the wideness. The only one I could imagine were my beloved B&W DM 100i connected to a neutral main amplifier. I have no other good neutral amplifier and will not connect a Rotel, Kenwood, or Cambridge Audio amp. I suppose I leave it like this now and listen at low level because of my Tinnitus. Thanks again for telling me to avoid to connect the Rega Dac :slight_smile: Kind regards Hififriend

Connecting the Rega DAC to the CDX2 would most likely be a waste of time. The internal DAC in the CDX2 is of a higher performance level.

They CDX2 can be connected to Non Naim amplification - you just need an appropriate interconnect. You can switch the CDX2’s output between RCA phono and DIN (or both but there’s a performance penalty when both are switched on together).

Hi Richard

Connecting the nDAC to the CDX2 would be very worthwhile though would it not ?


Maybe… Or you could spend a similar amount on an XPS…

Or both even better

Hello Richard. Thanks a lot. As there is no Naim Dac to connect, as you said the XPS2 is equal to a Dac for my CDX2 XS, so I leave it attached to the Sudgen Headphone amp. Finally turned on my main stereo after so many years an with my Tinnitus, Nac 282 with Nat 05 XS tuner through Avantgarde is a lil’ too much efficient for my ears actually. But for jazz and classic in the evening this combination works fine but not for Rock and Heavy, which works fine with the desktop setup. And for the coaxial output, I finally learned that the cable is named acoaxial and the end is just a connector, BNC, digital RCA, whatever :slight_smile: Thanks for all your precious help. Stay safe. Hf

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