Celestion Ditton 66s reborn

Have seen that a clone of the Ditton 66s are available base on the original design with a modern twist.They are called the ALCHRIS AR 66s, built in the UK in Wakefield Yorkshire, i had a pair of the originals and thinking back they where a lovely speaker. Would be interested to hear if anybody has heard or seen these yet, price is about £4,500 .


Alchris Audio is the new business set up by Alan Clark, the man who founded and ran Kralk Audio for many years. As I understand it, unfortunately he let other people in to help run the original business a couple of years ago and it all went south very quickly with the upshot that Kralk closed its doors for good soon afterwards. There is information out there about this if you would like to find out more.

I have never seen or heard them but I understand Alan’s designs are very well regarded by those who have. I think he used to make speakers to order himself. My understanding is that the new business has been setup with family members and I assume it will have a strong following with previous Kralk Audio customers. AFAIK, as before, design and assembly is done in house in Wakefield and the company uses high quality components listed on their website.

I have no connection with the business or Alan but I hope the info will help.


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