Celestion SL6Si bookshelf speaker is this good for Naims?

Wow big changes!!! that will be an entirely different speaker…could be good…but what’s for sure it ain’t a SL6Si… let us know how you get on…

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I pick up my modified Celestion SL6Si speakers up on Saturday, a five-hour plus return trip. I hope to test them on Sunday when we have some friends from Canberra stopping the night.

Out of pocket expenses $1,000 AUD for the speakers plus a little over $500 for transportation. I insured them for $5,000 each as if lost or damaged I could replace them with something new. That was delivery one way to Brisbane about 2,000 kilometres away. They are returned free of charge to a suburb in East Melbourne for me to pick up on Saturday.

Stay tuned.



Holy moly I hope they do what you want them to do … interesting…keep us posted…

Do you know what changes are being made to the crossovers?

G’day Xanthe,

That is a very good question which I did not ask the repairer. It was a very long day on the road yesterday and I was glad to be home. I only thought about this 15 minutes ago when I woke up at 05:15 am after making a cup of coffee this morning. The other thing I will ask him is what the new if there is a change to the dB SPL rating.

It might be just worth a phone call on Thursday as today is a national public holiday, Australia Day.

Thank you for your question.


Hope they work out for you and Shelley, Mitch.


Hi Mitch can you post some photos…hope all is going well…

I have pair with SL6Si but I think the sound is a little dull, I am prefer using BW

These speakers do have tilted frequency response…and need careful partnering…they are pretty good speakers which are a nice easy listen…probably not the best choice for rock music! I once heard their metal brothers 700si…driven by a Krell they sounded amazing… I think these Celestions really like to be driven by a muscle amp…

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