Challenge: Recommend an upgrade for less than $€£100

For some, a system upgrade is unachievable, especially due to job security concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic. So it would be good to hear about budget upgrades people have done for under 100 pound/dollars/euros.

They must be ones that you hear a decent improvement for, and not an upgrade you convinced yourself there was a difference just because you now spent that money (yes we’ve all been there).

It would be good if people “like” the responses that they have tried and agree with

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Cisco switch. £50. Blue Jeans Cat 6A cables. £90.


A media upgrade as opposed to hardware - a mint or excellent condition first vinyl pressing as opposed to a reissue. Well worth seeking out originals via record fairs, the auction site or Discogs, for their (generally) improved SQ.


£0 - remove the grill from your speakers


New hearing aid batteries :wink:


A few bottles of nice wine.

final suggestion

A lottery ticket and a lot of luck.


A Pro-ject Sweep It - Approx £70

Have one on order

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or in my case; do a better displacement/positioning

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Audio serenity gel pads 8 for £13.92, 4 currently used under Naim QB2, just improves the SQ, better defined vocals, mid range and bass…bargain.

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Hudson Hi-Fi’s Silicone composite = £22.

I use these under my 300DR to great effect. Also under other electronics.

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Easy and zero cost.

Stay away from this forum and stop reading upgrade threads, enjoy what you have.


Can I show you my silicon balls?

and tap washers.

Proper speaker positioning - free.


£27.90. Clean all the speaker cable plugs and other electrical pins and connections.

Free : cable dressing. Make sure speaker cables and interconnects are not touching power cables.

Earwax microsuction (NOT syringing) about £80 for both ears, then you will really be able to hear the differences that all the freebie tips suggested above make :wink:


Witch Hat Morgana and or Phantoms come in at around £1000 depending on the permutation.

Cheaper still is the bottles of wine suggestion, coupled with staying up till 3 in the morning with no-one else in the house. That’s when my set up sounds at its best. Genuinely.


I would agree with this but I was just wondering how many people do this and how often?the ears are supposed to be self-cleaning but at times a little help would be useful.

Currently I am experiencing mild tinnitus, a constant high pitch buzzing sound from (I think) one ear. I’m not sure if periodic cleaning of the ears would help reduce the symptom.

I just ordered some more to go under my new speakers. Also have a bunch of them used on other kit in my headphone rigs.

Having bought a DIN shortie from Russ Andrews, I worked out how they were made (not difficult!) and knocked up a full set of five more to cover all the inputs of my 202. All-in cost was… well, can’t remember now, but it was a long way short of buying them ready-made.

Noise floor dropped and the sound got a bit smoother, but the pleasure in having saved money by making something with my own hands meant I would have been happy even if they had just sat there doing nothing.


Power down, unplug and replug all connections a few times, power back up and enjoy


but if you must spend slightly over the £100 change your plug fuse to a Synergistic Research Blue or Orange.

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