Change for NDX2 or 252 with my Supercap

Hello everyone

A quick poll on use of funds

Would you replace my NDX (2) or my 282 (252) to make best use of the Supercap?

Many thanks

You’ve got a nicely balanced system there. If you don’t need the extra features of the later streaming platform in the NDX2 over the NDX, then another option would be the NDS. A preloved NDS can be picked up for a ridiculously low price and could be used in single Burndy mode with your XPS DR.

Thanks James - basic question if I may - does the NDS then work ‘inline’ with the existing NDX?

No it replaces the NDX. It was top of the Naim network player range before the ND555 replaced it.

OK - now I understand - the NDS is superior to the NDX

With those speakers I’d be getting a 250DR.

An upgrade from the NDX to the NDX 2 would provide an uplift in sound. That was my experience when I made the move.

Just curious if you have considered swapping out the NAP 200 for the the NAP 250 DR?


Two votes for the 250, thank you

I agree that a 250 would be a good choice here. There are those who prefer the different presentation of the 200 so you should never automatically assume that you will prefer the more expensive amp, although with those speakers I think it’s likely you will find it a worthwhile move.

Regarding source upgrades, the NDX2 is certainly an upgrade over the old version, but quite an expensive one for the improvement you get. If you only stream from local storage an NDS might be a better move, and it will work with your XPS. If you want to explore internet streaming services the Mk2 streamers are much better.

A 252 is another valid option. Only listening for yourself will tell you which is the best choice. Get some demos set up if you can.

I would go for latest streaming platform. That is the NDX2. I have an NDS which is excellent and cheaper than an NDX2 but the NDS isn’t as flexible as the newer streamers. It won’t work as well with newer apps.

Having said that if you are mainly streaming from local drives such as a local Hard drive then NDS will sound better than NDX2. A 555PS will improve things further.

I would focus on improving your source before a 252 personally.

I would go for a 252

Agree that source is the most important factor so to be upgraded preferentially. It’s the starting point of a system. A good amp cannot sound good without a good source.

Source first is all very well up to a point, but NDX/XPSDR is plenty good enough for an amp up to around 252/300 level and putting more money into it makes source upgrades relatively poor value for money as the law of diminishing returns kicks in. I would be looking at a better power amp first, especially with those speakers.

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The flip-side of a nicely balanced system (which the OP certainly has) is that any single upgrade can be tricky.

I recently had an NDX2 on order (to upgrade from 272 / XPS) but eventually went for an NDS. No regrets at all, and it felt like better value for money. Preloved versions of NDS + 252 could be acquired for a combined cost of ~ 1.5x the price of a new NDX2…

Yes, legacy streamers are limited for internet streaming, but I’ve found I don’t actually need a dozen streaming services; just one suits my needs if it works reliably.

FWIW I already owned a 250 and acquired a 252 around the same time as the NDS, so hard to say which of the two upgrades had a bigger impact, but both were worthwhile.


NDX2 is so much better then NDX in every aspect… that’s my experience.

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I would agree that your speakers really deserve a 250 . I think that would provide the best balance for any future upgrades. Much as I love the 252 , I don’t think it is an ideal match for the 200 and really needs a 250 or 300.

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Another vote for the 250DR. Huge improvement on the 200 in my opinion.


If, and maybe it’s a big if, you’re planning to spend your funds at your local Naim dealer, use this thread to compile a list of the comparisons to ask your dealer to make. With the exception of the NDS, which is no longer in production, your dealer should be able to demo the relative merits of all the upgrades suggested here.

Happy listening!

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Thanks everyone for the guidance.

I will speak with the dealer about a new NDX2 and 250.

In for a penny and all that…

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That’s the right way to move forwards. One step at a time!