Change location, change speaker cable

I’m just back on the new forum, as a baby member, did anyone manage to keep their prior history?

Anyway the reason for the post is as the title. I returned from 14 years overseas, back to the UK in December last. Short-sightedly I only bought 3m of SL cable when I was completing my “loom”. I only needed a short run. The NACA5 went to the attic.

Now back in a UK home, the layout needs to be different. The 3m were not enough so out came the NACA5 and off to the attic went the SL. I did use the SL for a short time but with the speakers less than optimally positioned. So the memory should not be too dodgy in this comparison. So I miss the SL? Yes. NACA5, to me at least, seems a tad low-fi and shouty. I miss the space around the instruments, the notes and the quietness. Right now things are a little coarse and lacking subtlety. For anyone planning the leap to SL, I’d obviously recommend a listen but to me this confirms that SL cable is a cracking product.

Can I live with NACA5? Yes, in the short term.


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