Change my 272

My system is,Unitiserve,nac272,555PSdr,nap250dr,into Sopra 1.I changed to this from a 500,300 system a few years ago to reduce the box count,and kept the 555ps.My dealer suggests Ndx2,282 or 252, but that means another box and I’ve had those before.
I thought of maybe.
1.Ndx2,555 and Supernait3,but would that drive the focals?Or
2.non Naim streamer/preamp and keep the 250dr for the focals.
I’d love some feedback,especially from people who have done a similar thing

Forgot to add that streamer will have to connect wirelessly as no wired connection.

What you have is very well balanced. In my view, but this is only an opinion, the SN is a better musical experience than the 272/250 and yes the SN will quite happily drive the Sopras. You really need your dealer to demo the benefit from the change.

There are many options out there. Chances are that if you are patient an updated streamer/preamp from Naim will arrive eventually if you are prepared to wait.
For me, the 272 couldn’t compete with separates and I ended up with NDX2/282/250 which was great, but I wasn’t prepared to add even more boxes to improve it further so I ended up with NDX2/Chord Dave/Étude which for me was better still with only 3 boxes.
I tried a Supernait, but good though it was for an integrated amp, it couldn’t compete with separates either so it didn’t work for me.
My NDX2 is a keeper though, and the Unitiserve is still going strong!

Hi @kengx, I was in a somewhat similar situation a couple of years or so ago. Gave up waiting for 272 replacement and jumped ship. But hints from HQ and arrival of the Atom HE would give me pause if I were in your position now. I think I’d wait a few more months to see what new products arrive.


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I totally agree with the necessity for a demo, because in my case, for a very specific reason, I found the SN based system rather less convincing than the 272/250 system.

Again I have a personal view that differs here
I found the 272/555PS to sound better than a NDX2/282, until an external PSU was added to the NDX2, at which point it became a much better system than the 272/555. However this was due to my sensitivity to a specific acoustic characteristic of the ND5 XS2 and the NDX2 when operating on it’s internal power supply.

This definitely needs an audition!

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I’d borrow the Atom HE to audition and agree with the dealer to trade it in when the 272 successor arrives.

It does significantly reduce the boxcount, but probably reduces the sq.

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@kengx may I ask what factors are driving the move away from the 272? Is there a particular aspect of the performance you are dissatisfied with? Or is it that the 272 streaming platform is becoming outdated, and lacks Qobuz etc? If it is the latter, have you thought about adding a small external streaming device, connected to one of the 272’s digital inputs? For example, adding a Bluesound Node would open up the potential to stream from many more online platforms. This could be either a long term solution, or an intermediate step while awaiting a 272 replacement.

Thank you all for your suggestions.It’s obvious what I need is an updated version of the 272,but waiting for the unknown replacement isn’t in my nature once I have the idea in my head!I quite like the idea of the Dave/Etude,but that means the dac in the ndx isn’t used and the 555ps would have to go.Can anyone recommend a integrated amp to better ,or equal the 250dr?

Yes, the DAC in the NDX would be redundant. People seem to have a problem with this idea, but there is far more recundancy in terms of materials and cost in making the internal PSU redundant, which is the case in many Naim sources and amps. If you do this you could probably trade the 555PS as well as the 272 and just get an ND5XS2 which would go a long way towards funding either Dave/Etude or whatever other DAC or amp you choose.
If you want an integrated that performs better than a 250DR you will have to look outside of Naim.

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“ My system is,Unitiserve,nac272,555PSdr,nap250dr,into Sopra 1.I changed to this from a 500,300 system a few years ago to reduce the box count,and kept the 555ps.”……l

Unless you have irresistible GAS (Gear Aquisition Syndrome) I wouldn’t change anything. Your system is about as good as it gets until, possibly, a 272 replacement is released.

S’funny how almost every dealer can improve on that with which we were perfectly content, happily conflating improvement with change…… until we walked into the shop :grin:

Just a thought,


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Yes, that’s a point I’m not using the internal PSU in the 272 and only half of the 555Ps.You are still suggesting a Naim streamer though, would a Chord one not make sense if I went that route

Dr_J has analysed my symptons correctly!!

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Another possibility: selling the 272 and 555 dr, and getting a DCS Bartok, and connect it to the 250 dr.

I’m not sure using the Bartok straight into a NAP250DR will get the best from either unit. The NAP250DR works best when partnered with a Naim pre-amp or a Streamer/pre-amp such as the NAC-272.

I remind that @Dunc used his Rossini straight into 500 dr. He found it very good sounding, even if adding the 552 was even better, but not night and day from what I remember.
Chord Dave into Naim amps work apparently not optimally on the other side.
I said that also because the OP would change over 272/ 555 dr and reduce boxes count. He has already the 250 dr.

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For me keeping a Naim streamer made sense because I’ve been using them for some time, like the way they work, and have two others around the house so they all work nicely together from a single app. They have good support for the services I use, mainly Qobuz, Roon, UPnP and lossless iRadio, and they sound great.
While I like Chord DACs, they don’t have much of a range of streamers to compete with Naim.

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I would recommend the Ear V12, fabulous for its price ( around 7k), with a glorious midrange and great dynamics and prat. However the bass is a little more rounded, but not wooly.

I’ve had a SN1 and it was the most unsatisfying Naim kit I’ve owned. The 272/555DR/250DR is a pretty spectacular 3 box set up. I just don’t see a SN being satisfying with the same speakers. And I don’t blame the OP for not going back to separates. I’ve had a 252 and it was better but not so much better to justify the extra boxes and hassle in my view.