Change NAC102

I successfully posed a question on this forum earlier this year about streamers and the advice was invaluable. Apologies for being a heretic but I ended up adding a Cambridge CXN V2 to my Naim Olives and I’m delighted.

But now the cheap upgrading bug is beginning to itch. I’m possibly looking at changing my preamp. Current kit is a NAC102 with a NAPSC2 and a privately built power supply (based on a HiCap) into a NAP140 into Credos and inputs are CDX and the Cambridge Streamer. I’m considering moving the 102 on and buying a NAC82 - it’s the sort of cash outlay I can manage! The remainder of the kit would say as is.

Does anyone have comments, opinions or advice please? Thanks in advance.

102 -> 82 worked for me. just all round better sound. I felt that the 102 could be a tad harsh at times ( i used to say it “takes no prisoners”), and the 82 tamed that aspect, but without losing any of the good bits.

And then I added a second Hicap, which provided a very nice uplift over a single HC.

Still got the 102/NAPSC, though, and a spare Hicap; one day I’ll buy it a 140 or a 180 and put it in my wife’s system.

Another approval for the 102- 82 plan, I did this about 10 years ago and I’m still enjoying the 82, now with a Supercap. I thought the 82 was a big step up and has seen me through a number of upgrades in sources and power amps.
Go for it :grinning:

Just moved from NAC102/NAPSC/HiCap/140/Credo, to a NAC82, and it is light and day improvement. Do not hesitate, go for it! It was a massive difference, and coming from someone who has tried various minor tweaks without hearing anything, then that is saying something. When I got it, immediately it sounded great, then I got it serviced for peace of mind as I was a little nervous of it being second hand. I felt the Credo’s breath a sigh of relief as they finally got what they deserved. I’m enjoying music so much more now. Remember if you sell the 102, it will cover probably 40% of the cost.

Yep, another happy bunny, trading the 102 for an 82, with the Pots 8, then even happier when the Supercap was added :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I went from Nait 5si to 82 and haven’t looked back. Went from one olive hicap to 2 olive hicaps and now Supercap 2.

And power amp wise 250 CB serviced to 2 x 135s CB both serviced.

I’ve had the 82 serviced and it all sounds amazing.

Definitely a fantastic pre :wink:

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