Change of System

I’m in the middle of moving home so have packed up most of the main system:

NAC 102
NAP 180

All driving some B&W 705’s on dedicated stands

and as a temporary solution I’ve hooked up a Nait 3 Slimline to the 705’s so I have some music for the next 3 months.

Source for the music is an iPod playing all my Cd’s via iTunes and a Smart Phone (HTC) playing Spotify and the BBC Sounds App.

I was surprised to report that the Nait sounded as good as the other separate boxes. I can’t compare to the CDX/XPS because that combo needs a good service and some repairs.

Am I suffering from crap in, crap out by using the iPod or HTC or is the Nait 3 an absolute marvel for the money.

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Like all Naim’s Naits, the Nait 3 is indeed a bit of a marvel.


My friend had one many moons ago then changed to 102/hc/180 which was a big step up. The Nait 3 was really gutsy though. I’d suggest that if your separates are sounding no better than the Nait 3 then servicing is required. I’d look at the Hicap first.

I think the servicing route is the way to go, The separates have sat in our house in Corfu for 12 years. The atmosphere here is damp and dirty in the winter, dry and dusty in the summer i.e. not a pleasant environment for delicate electronics. Maybe, once it’s all back in the UK I’ll get it serviced although for 5 boxes, I’m guessing it won’t be cheap. The CDX lost a channel a couple of years ago and now has lost both channels so needs looking at anyway. Not so important with the iPod as the main source.

I’ll be buying a stand alone streamer when back in the UK which I guess will become my main source.

I would hang fire until you have a good idea of where you want to end up before servicing a load of boxes, only to find that you don’t keep them. The CD player may become redundant if you move to streaming, and if the XPS is old, it may be incompatible with a streamer.
If you’re happy with the way the 180 drives your speakers, that could end up being the only box you want to keep.

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