Change rip settings on Unitiserve

I have looked in several places including forums, manuals for desktop client interface and unitiserve but I can’t find the process to change the ripping format. I purchased a Unitiserve SSd used and when I began ripping onto a Synology NAS it ripped to FLAC and to mp3. Now it unexpectedly changed to ripping in wav. How do I change it back to FLAC with or without mp3?

It’s a while since I sold my US and I never changed it from the default setting of WAV, but as far as I can recall you use the Windows DTC and it’s a right click on the target drive that allows you to set the rip.

But others, for example @ChrisSU or @Adam.Zielinski will probably have a clearer understanding.



I’m sure you can change it in the DTC, but as a Mac user I would be doing it in the N-Serve app, as that’s what you get for OSX. Alternatively, on any platform, I find the browser interface is often the best way to change such settings, accessed by putting the US IP address into any browser. There, you can also turn the mp3 ‘parallel library’ on or off.

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As usual @ChrisSU comes up with a good answer!

Another key point with Unitiserve is that it’s important to have the latest firmware as this gets rid of the defunct AMG metadata lookup. It’s 1.7c and you have to get it from Naim support or your dealer as it’s not distributed via their website for some reason. You need to know what firmware you are on before talking to Naim support as Unitiserve firmware updates have to be done sequentially.



In the Naim Desktop Client you can click on
Settings & Functions->
System Settings->
Ripping/Encoding tab

and in there is the option for ‘Ripped CD Encoding’ which you can change between FLAC and WAV

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